Level 8

Level 8

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Level 8 is the eighth of 11 levels in Submachine 3: The Loop.


The rooms exhibit typical loop architecture, and the lighting is a deep purple color.

Devices known as "egg machines" based on their shape are located at (-2,1), (1,-2), and (1,1). A coordinate machine can be located at (0,-1). If the player fills in the numbers in the coordinate machine with the coordinates of rooms with an egg-like machine, the egg machine will open. Each egg machine contains two levers. When the two levers are clicked the egg machine will close and display a green light. When all six levers are pulled, the passage-machine will unlock.


Level 8 map



  • It is interesting to note that the puzzle located in the looping traps which unlocks the orb in Submachine 4: The Lab works in exactly the same way, except the devices to work it are different in design.

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