Level 9

Level 9


Level 9 is the ninth of 11 levels in Submachine 3: The Loop.


The rooms exhibit typical loop architecture, and the lighting is a cold gray color.

Level 9 contains two devices, one located above the other. The bottom device displays Arabic numbers from 1 to 7 and the top displays Roman numerals. The graph in (1,0) has been completely torn off the wall.

Both devices has buttons that can be changed and buttons that cannot be changed. The unchangeable buttons determine the correct sequence of the changeable buttons on the other device. In order for the passage-machine to be unlocked both devices must share the same number sequence.


Level 9 map



  • In the SD version, the bottom device display colors and the top device displays letters. This was changed in the HD version so that people with colorblindness would be able to complete the level.

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