Light Sphere

Light sphere

Pass organic matter through walls

The light sphere is an item used in Submachine 10: The Exit.


Light spheres are floating balls of light that rotate slowly. They are often accompanied by small spheres of light that surround them.

Light spheres may either be found in locations simply floating in air, but sometimes they emit long tendrils of blue karma energy that are fortunately harmless to the player.


Light spheres are used to transport the player by beaming light into a tiny hole through a wall or window from one light crown to another. The player is somehow absorbed through the wall and comes out intact on the other side.

Light sphere action

A light sphere moving back and forth between light crowns.

In Submachine 10, the player can collect up to 5 light spheres in the game. These light spheres can be used to access areas in the Northern Garden docks, the Dock, the research base and the rooftop, the meditation temple, the lighthouse dungeon, and the lighthouse tower. These light spheres must be attached to a special light crown to be able to transport from one point to another. The Northern Garden docks light crown will beam the player inside and outside the docking control center. The light crown in the lab will beam the player inside or outside the upper window located on the rooftops. In the lighthouse dungeon, the light crown beams the player through the alcove where the fork is found in Sub2 to a new area of the dungeons.

In the lighthouse tower, the light crown used is portable and it can be attached to the fuse holder. This light sphere will beam the player outside the lighthouse and the subnet itself into the desert.


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