Lighting up torches, burners, and gas lamps

The lighter is an item in the Submachine series, appearing in Submachine: Ancient Adventure and Submachine 4: The Lab.

Submachine: Ancient AdventureEdit

In Submachine 0, the lighter can be found in an empty space in the brick wall to the right of the game's starting area. Upon unlocking the entrance to the ruins, the player can go down the stone ladder and light torches, which open the ruins to further exploration. There are a total of 5 torches around that need to be lit.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

In Submachine 4, the player needs a lighter to ignite the Bunsen burner in the upper area of the research base, as part of the acidic oxide-making procedure. The lighter can be found three floors down from the attic. After going down the stairs twice from the attic, the player will find the lighter on the window to the right.

When the player enters the ship, the player needs to light up the gas lamps in order for him/her to travel farther inside the ship. There are a total of three gas lamps inside the ship.


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