Lighthouse portal

Lighthouse portal

Transport humans, escape route

The lighthouse portal serves as the climax of Submachine 2: The Lighthouse.


The portal was built by Murtaugh himself [1] when he was still training his karma portal creation abilities during his lighthouse keeper's job days.[2] It is possible that this portal itself houses a modified karma portal.

Being his very first experiment with creating portals, this one seems to be very rough and unstable, so the actual destination that it leads to seems to be pretty random. Still, Murtaugh seems to know that the loop may be one of the destinations, since he left a note there that is clearly addressed to a person that has been teleported from the lighthouse.[3]

Murtaugh himself had used the portal to escape to the loop after the lighthouse was threatened to be buried.[4].


The portal itself sits inside a clear container that is laced with blue wires. Two columns support the container on top of a power source. A hyperstrong filament provides the energy to transport the player out of the lighthouse tower.

This portal uses the full light power of the lighthouse, with which the player was able to reach the loop; the lighthouse's lamp was charged by two coils and also used a numeric code, an ID card and a fuse.


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