Theories by user Lmcuadros.

Artificial Countryside Theory (debunked)Edit

Artificial Countryside Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-01-09
Doubtful 2010-01-20
Debunked 2016-01-13

You can go to the temple, the basement and lighthouse and also to the ship from that artificial contryside. In that location are a bay (final scene from Sub1) where is installed the ship. The gate of the temple is in the right (section 2,1) and the entrance to the lighthouse and the basement (the same entrance) on the left but with views on the other side (section 2,0). You enter in the blue light door and crossing the red light door you arrive in an intermediate zone between the lighthouse and the basement (Sub2 sketch version) and walking up the stairs you arive to the lighthouse (digouts). That explains as the basement is the lighthouse basement. The original little basement is an independient location (Sub1 v.1). You can enter there fron the coast countryside too.

The blood door from sub2 scketch version is a portal. This door conect whith the basement whith the red light door if in the end of sub1 extended version are two doors. The blood door conect also with the blue room if in the end of sub1 extended version there aren't the two doors (versions 3 and 4).

Anhoter hypothecical exit from the lighthouse can be on the broken wood wall in the stairs.

But, why this countriside is artificial? Because this location isn't outdoor. It is inside the submachine. The advanced technology of the machine can have this.

The countriside was created to cultivate vegetables and can have animals to eat (but it is only an hypothesis).

The Two Players Theory (debunked)Edit

The Two Players Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-01-09
Debunked 2010-01-20

From the previous theory.

The main player was telepored to the submachine from the beach and he exit to the basement crossing the red light door.

The anhother player was teleported from the computer of his bedroom and later from the bay to the blue room. Perhaps he died in the loop.

Mousehole Theory (debunked)Edit

Mousehole Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-01-09
Doubtful 2010-01-20
Debunked 2012-12-20

Perhaps, Einstein haven't got any power of teleporting. In the digouts are a big mouse hole. A cat can enter there to another section or part of the digouts section.

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