The Lobby



The lobby is the first area of Submachine 6: The Edge.


During the events of Submachine 6: The Edge, the player was transported here during a mover interception.

The player ventured forwards and was scanned for items. This forced the player to leave all items in a nearby trash receptacle.

The player attempted to insert a correct IDN into the system, but was unsuccessful, and was thus dumped to the cliffs.


The general appearance of the chambers is clean and shiny. All of the rooms are made from a shiny metal that mirrors objects seen in the room.

The first chamber contains a trash can with a chute presumably attached to shuttle trash to an out-of-the-way place.

In the second chamber, there is a device called the scanner. The scanner is activated by a red button on the wall. It shines a laser from the top of the room to the bottom, and if it does not detect any threats, it will open the opposite door.

In the last room, the is a personal identification number graph. This graph has a grid of 25 0's, that can be changed to 1's. If the player fails to enter the correct code, he/she is sent to the cliffs below.


Lobby map

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