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The Stream Theory (debunked)

The Stream Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-19
Debunked 2010-06-29

Submachine is an access point to the Subnet. The Subnet is a web of waves *maybe unknown by men* named "ECHO". Mur found under the lighthouse of Kent Falls, some ruins or artifacts from ancient Egypt which made him able to explore the subnet opening portals with Karma in the middle of the ECHO streams. Sub3: The Loop was the interior of the Submachine, an endless spaceless and timeless loop. Submachine is a machine created after Mur's discover on ECHO streams by some governement to explore these zones, wich can be accessed as rooms and places only from inside the ECHO web. Also, with a good timing, it is possible to exit the web in every place, to "teleport" in any location of the world. But, there are Illusory places then. If you travel for too long in the subnet, you begin to loose memory and mind sanity, and then, the ECHO penetrates your mind and creates fake rooms and places, which can be accessed only by you, and for which you cannot escape 'til you recover your mind sanity. So, these rooms mean the end of your exploration. In 1900, another unknown scientist discovered the ECHO web, but he got lost in the illusory rooms of the stream, and his discoveres had been forgotten. Mur found the Root travelling in the subnet. It could be some sort of scientific studio of that scientist, or maybe the last place he visited before vanishing. Mur decided that the Root had to be the first Submachine created. The governement has tried to explore the streams in many rudimental ways, as with submarines and airplanes with ECHO-portal machines on board. Every try failed. Mur himself taught the government how to use tecnology to navigate the subnet. But when the government decided to lock up the net, Mur decided to find a way to break in the artificial core of the subnet, and to do that, he enroled some people to send in suicide-missions, as Sunshine_bunnygirl, and the player. They are at least 6. Mur had a girl-friend (lol, not a real gf, but something like that), Elisabeth, who took care of the cat, Einstein. Liz knew of Mur's plan, and she tried to save the people he sent inside. She probably went every day to the lighthouse to visit Murtagh, which means she lives near Kent falls. Also, government have decided to eliminate Mur beacause they understood he could be a problem, since he can travel in ECHO streams. Therefore, they tryed to bury him within the lighthouse, but somehow he discovered this plan and managed to escape. Creating the "Submachine" opened a new era in human history. These machines have defence systems around themselves in the subnet, as a guarding wall around the docks. The Core, probably a control center for the subnet, has stronger defences too. Wisdom gems are Egyptian artifacts which can allow submachines to enter the subnet and sail in the ECHO web.

The portal must be an energy wich can teleport a person, and Mur can use this energy with his karma arm. This energy can be put in any object to make it touchable, and to allow other people to use it. But it works only at certain conditions (giving power, completing the statue) chosen by Mur himself. Maybe he taught the government how to artificially create this energy in the 3-axis and no-axis teleports we know.

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