The mainframe is the name given to a location in Submachine 6: The Edge which houses the actual main frame of the system.


The location has lamps on its every four corners and the walls, which are made of a sort of stainless metal, are colored a dull beige. This makes the area greatly resemble the elevator that takes the player there.

The ladders, which are embedded into the walls, carry unevenly spaced footholds. A ventilation fan also exists in the area, behind which is a tall pipe for air flow to escape to the Edge.

Mainframe terminalEdit

For more information about the computing system of the subnet, see system .
For more information about terminals, see terminal .

The mainframe terminal in this location contains many lines running to it on the walls. This terminal houses the primary defense system protocol 1-0.

If the primary defense system were to be disabled, the actual system mainframe can be accessed. The mainframe is hidden behind four defense protocols which can easily be disabled.

The defense system can therefore be deactivated from this spot.


Mainframe map

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