The mainframe is the name given to a location in Submachine 6: The Edge which houses the actual main frame of the system.


The location can be divided into two main corridors with a simple roof structure that contains an edge portal. The rooms can be accessed by a horizontal elevator.

Elevator sub6 horizontal

The elevator used to navigate the region. From left to right, the buttons provide access to Area 8, the first mainframe corridor, and the second mainframe corridor.

The basic architecture of the two corridors consists of rooms with lamp strips in each of the four main edges, and the stainless metal walls are colored a dull beige. The ladders, which are embedded into the walls, carry unevenly spaced footholds. Doors in the location are narrow openings in the center of walls, with the elevator containing a sliding metal plate of the same color as the walls when closing.

Each of the two mainframe corridors contains terminals, by which the user can access and manipulate the system.

If the primary defense system (PDS) were to be shut down, all lamps, ventilation, and the elevator would lose power.


Edge portal

The edge portal situated on the platform above the corridors.

Mainframe corridor 1Edit

The first corridor houses controls and two terminals for activating and deactivating the secondary defense system as well as providing access to turret #512, which can be seen towards the top of the corridor. It contains a telescope at the top that is encased in a viewing window.

Mainframe corridor 2Edit

The second corridor houses the controls for activating and deactivating the primary defense system. It contains a large terminal with electronic communication lines branching out from the center. It also contains a fan protected by a grate, behind which is a vertical pipe leading to a simple platform above suspended in the void.



The two main corridors are shown in accurate phyiscal relationship to each other here (2 on the left, 1 on the right); the elevator would be situated to the right of the bottom-rightmost room in both cases. Mainframe map

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