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This site is run by Mateusz Skutnik and serves as the hub for his games and literature, as well as news.

Flash gamesEdit

  • Submachine
  • Daymare Town
  • Covert Front
  • 10 Gnomes
  • Where is
  • The squirrel family
  • Mission to...
  • Mr. Mothball
  • Calligraphic
  • Bunny Catch Those Eggs
  • Warfare Transporter
  • Castle Run
  • Snowboard Stunts
  • Moths
  • Iron Works
  • Absolute 0

Graphic novelsEdit

  • Rewolucje
  • Blaki
  • Morfolaki
  • Alicja
  • Wyznania Wlasciciela Kantoru
  • Czaki
  • Komiksy Znalezione na Strychu
  • Tetrastych
  • VormkfasA
  • Daymare Morphs

GalleryEdit's main background cycles through a preset gallery of images, each showing one of Mateusz's workspaces. Not all are displayed below; however, key updates to the main page are described in each gallery photo.

See alsoEdit

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