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  • Dear Montinevra,

    I'm writing this to propose myself as a new admin of the Wiki. This is a role I would love to be and its responsabilities along it. I have a few arguments to why I would be a good admin.

    1.Knowledge of the series

    I was a speedrunner and therefore know a lot obout the game mechanics and the game plot. I have read almost all the notes and know pretty much ever location by heart. I have been around since Submachine 6 and have seen every BTM. I talked a lot with Apocrypha [Jatsko/Error 3113] therefore knows a lot about theorizing. I have wrote some theories and have uploaded many remixes of the series. I would therefore be able to not make false assumption and have a objective critic on things. 

    2.Personal interest

    I love to organize and serve a community. I am already a moderator on the discord and admin on several groups. I am also an administrator of a facebook group. I have a lot of background and interest in becoming an admin. I would always make sure that whatever big moves I do, I'll serve the community. Since contacting me is easy [discord, skype and forum] I would be able to adequately serve the community.

    3.Background on the wiki

    I have previously made a lot of edits on the Wiki [more than 700] and always wanted to help this wiki. I would be more than pleased if I would become an admin. I have made some big contributions on the wiki like the tabbers and renaming every SNEE page to SU.

    I hope you take my candidature in consideration

    Don't hesitate to ask me any more question ^_^

    -Rever Man

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  • Hi, I've done a bit of editing today to sort of "wrap up" the pages generated from the final update of SubVerse in flash, and I think I'm just about done with Wiki editing. I have no further interest in coming back here and editing pages in the future, and as such I'll probably be considered an inactive admin. Vortex has also said that he's going to remain inactive for a while as well as he's pretty busy. That makes you the sole admin who might be active. I wonder if it's time to promote someone else. What do you think?

    Obviously they would not just be promoted, as they would have to appeal like anyone else. I still plan on sticking around for a bit to continue discussing things about the walkthroughs and theories, and maybe possibly change the Wiki theme one last time since the SubVerse was finished (and to something that doesn't have "Jatsko" written all over the background :P).

    Let me know your thoughts.

    - Jatsko

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  • "What's the goal here? Everything has already been mapped. This page seems more like a personal project or blog post and doesn't belong in the main namespace. Montinevra (talk) 18:49, August 13, 2017 (UTC)"

    I've discussed it with LT and will be moving it to his theories page shortly. His ultimate goal is to compile a giant theory about which locations are connected where and I will allow him to use his theory page as a workspace. I have moved this conversation here to your message wall as the page will soon be removed.

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  • Is it ok to assume that most images on this Wiki are under fair use and therefore should have the {{Fairuse}} tag?

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    • I think we have more than that. If I remember well the author gave us explicit permission to use any images from the games, as long as we don't upload full maps of the HDs.

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    • True. Just checking, what with all the fair use bullshit that's invading the media lately I figured it would be safe to ask :)

      I also edited the Fair use template to make myself feel a bit better, lol.

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    • No, it is not okay to assume that all images fall under "fair use". We should exercise due dilligence and ensure that every image is being used properly on an individual basis. 

      Regarding the author's permission, I sort of remember his post about it (the page is dead now) but I don't think he explcity said we can use anything; he was actually kind of vague about it. If we could get a statement from him that outlines what we can and can't do with his work, that would be ideal. Then we can start using the "used with permission" license. 

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    • Found the post, and as far as I know (or any forum search will yield) this is the most recent statement. I can ask again if you want, if you want more clarification.

      Also, should the {{Permission}} template be used instead for these images? I would like to do a broad sweep of all the images and clean them up/categorize them, so I would like to know.

      Post here:

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  • (For the future) I know we had a discussion and differing viewpoints a while ago about placement of words inside a picture file. I took the position of having more common words first and you took the position of having the more specific words first. Whichever one works better, I want to use and would be happy to update them accordingly. Which format is better and why? Let me know.

    Error 3113 (talk) 02:03, April 5, 2016 (UTC)

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    • I think the most important (not necessarily the most specific) detail should come first.


      What are we looking at here? Location 1-2-3. That's the most important fact about this image. Next most important is the fact that it's a map (as opposed to a single screen or whatever). Lastly, this particular redition is how it appears in Submachine 11.

      If you're sorting cars, you would go by make and model first, then by color. I consider the location to be the "make and model", and the particular appearance to be the "color". 

      Then, if we sort this image alphabetically, it will appear next to all the other maps of 1-2-3, which will, in turn, appear near all other 1-2-3 related images.

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    • Sounds good. I'll see what I can do.

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