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Frontier and Change Hostility Theory (doubtful)

Frontier and Change Hostility Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-10
Still alive 2010-06-29
Likely 2011-02-19
Still alive 2012-12-20
Doubtful 2016-01-15

Now, other people have tried to explain how the Submachine works, why we were sent here, and who Mur REALLY is. But another question, one some seem to neglect, is why did people come here in the first place? Why come to a place, of such oddities and dangers? Because the Submachine is the new Western Frontier. Imagine, if you will, a new world, seemingly like the old, in almost every attribute, except for one key difference. That the Submachine exists paralell to our own. This means that an entirely new old world would be availible to us. Imagine the possibilities! You could live in the middle of Russia, and have beachfront property in the Submachine. The possibilities were absoulutly endless. However, one horrible fact about the Submachine would stop the scientists and physicists that created it from cashing out on this prospect. That the submachine is hostile not to humans, but to change. For some unknown reason, any unoriginal thing , like humans for example, is slowly deterioted. The memories are the first to go. The smallest nerve cells in our brain begin to diseapear, making us forget things, and to slowly turn insane. That is not, to say, that the brain is the only part that diseapears in the start, just the most noticable one. That is why we have never seen corpses around, where even relative suicide notes such as in the boat, exist. They have been turning to dust, and winking out of existence from this new world.

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