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Egyptian Theory (debunked)

Egyptian Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-01-04
Still alive 2010-01-20
Doubtful 2011-02-19
Debunked 2012-12-10

By now, every one is aware that the submachine, or The Core, are alive (or at least self-aware). There are many theories on what the Submachine is, or what it believes itself to be, and I would like to add my theory to the never-ending loop.

A---After playing through the Submachine series several million times, I think I have put together the pieces of the puzzle. First off, in almost, if not every, Submachine game there are bits and pieces of mythology. Egyptian foremost of all mythology in Submachine.

B---Secondly, during The Player's experience in The Lighthouse, He reads a Cat Note that says "I named him Einstein, since he's apparently capable of breaking the time and space barrier as he wishes. Probably all cats do..."

After thinking, I combined A and B, and arrived at my theory: I believe that The Core may possibly be related to The Sphinx, or Bastet. It would make sense,since the Sphinx is Half Human, Half Lion. Bastet is an even more likely candidate, for she is the Egyptian goddess of cats.

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