Thumpmonks noir selections

Game music/ambient
Brian Gocher/Thumpmonks, Future Loop Foundation, Marcus Gutierrez

The in-game music/soundtrack for the Submachine series was almost completely written by Brian Gocher, who was born in 1971 in New York City. He founded the Thumpmonks, a group of two music artists who mainly produce electronic breakbeat music for cinema films and computer games. 

The complete Submachine soundtrack is almost exclusively produced by Thumpmonks.

In tandem with the release of Submachine 9, Thumpmonks released two albums, Noir Selections and Parsed SkyNoir Selections provides extended music to the tracks in the SUb9 soundtrack, while Parsed Sky is a separate album meant to balance out the heavier Submachine tones with lighter ambient.

The Submachine series' overall atmosphere is heavily influenced by their music. The following is a list of all music samples by file name, along with the first location they are heard in.

Note: The list only includes ambients found as separate sound files upon purchase of the games. Any extended sound effects/sounds not produced by Thumpmonks or otherwise noted artists are not included. The only exception for this is the Sub1 soundtrack listed, which is not available as part of purchasing the game. Extensive research into finding the original sound files for Sub1 demanded that the full information still be posted to reward the efforts of the researchers.

All tracks are by Brian Gocher/Thumpmonks unless otherwise noted.

Submachine 1: The BasementEdit

  • "Cathedral" by Marcus Gutierrez - Basement

Submachine 2: The LighthouseEdit

Submachine 3: The LoopEdit

  • "Menu" - Menu
  • "Intro" - Intro
  • "The loop" - Loop

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

Submachine 5: The RootEdit

Submachine 6: The EdgeEdit

  • "Menu" - Menu
  • "The space" - Cliffs
  • "The structure" - Lobby
  • "The structure alt" - bonus
  • "The structure revisited" - bonus
  • "Deep down" - bonus
  • "Deep down alt" - Tunnels
  • "The hardware" - System

Submachine 7: The CoreEdit

Submachine 8: The PlanEdit

Submachine 9: The TempleEdit

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

Submachine: Ancient AdventureEdit

Submachine: Future Loop FoundationEdit

  • "Stereo '72", by Future Loop Foundation - Ward
  • "Everything As It Should Be", by Future Loop Foundation - Memory bank

Submachine: FLFEdit

Submachine: 32 ChambersEdit

Submachine UniverseEdit

Descriptions of all the ambients for each area in the SubVerse can be found on the locations' individual pages.


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