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Karma Crystal Report (confirmed)

Karma Crystal Report
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-19
Still alive 2010-06-29
Confirmed 2016-01-13

Karma gems aka: wisdom gems, are crystals that emmit karma energy throughout the submachines. The Karma Energy can be formed into different kinds of energy (solar, geothermal, wind, etc) and is often used for powering many machines. The more crystals there are, the more energy can be used. I The crystals are also known to some how trigger portals.

Rescue Mission Theory (debunked)

Rescue Mission Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-30
Debunked 2011-02-13

The Core is where people (prisoners) are taken. (probobly by sub-bots). Amnesia is common to help the sub-bots contain the infastation. You don't forget everything though (this is supported by the fact that the lab members still remembered how to spell, and even write for that fact!). Murtaugh has escaped countless times with his karma arm. He proboly forgets a bunch of things, but has never forgoteen who he was, or how to use his karma arm. Murtaugh is trying to rescue the poor people imprisoned in the core, and that is why he is on his way there.

Karma Gems Theory (still alive)

Karma Gems Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-12-01
Still alive 2016-01-15
Location in Subnet

The Gems known as Wisdom Gems Are Actually made out of pure karma energy. They are made naturally by the submachine to radiate energy thought the net. Murtaugh Gained his Karma arm by somehow absorbing the crystal. The karma energy can be converted into all kinds of energy to power different kinds of machinery and devices. The More Crystals used together, the more energy they create. (1 for the ladder and 3 for the mover.) The Crystals never run out of karma energy since they create and emit it within.

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