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The Creation and Murtaugh's Theory (debunked)

The Creation and Murtaugh's Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-04-04
Debunked 2012-12-10

The Creation was a project started in 1901, created by a scientist named Murtaugh. Murtaugh was obsessed about a "trap" he named The Submachine, and the goal of The Creation was to eliminate it. People thought of him as crazy, others thought he was dangerous... But he wasn't either... He was a genius.

A group of scientists, known as "The Machinists" for studying teleportation mechanics, knew Murtaugh wasn't crazy. For a while, Murtaugh worked with The Machinists, and finally forgot about The Creation project in 1902.

Though, during a well earned vacation, Murtaugh lost an arm. He started having visions about having a third imaginary arm, and it turned out that arm really existed. When Murtaugh came back from his vacation, he had fully mastered the powers of his third arm, that he named his "karma arm". Murtaugh explained the whole situation, and that his "karma arm" opened a time vision in 1917. He also explained there would be a war from 1914 to 1918. The Machinists didn't understand him, but tried to stay on the line.

Murtaugh continued The Creation's project, and at the same time built a base he named The Root. The Root was a bunker that was able to protect The Machinists, Murtaugh and other groups of people from the war. The Machinists created a transportation method with 6 key panels that would teleport the people around The Root's different areas.

After the war, on the 27th of May 1919, Murtaugh invented a lab where the scientists invented a portal mechanism, to transfer them to unknown areas of The Root. Murtaugh was then the honored scientist to go through the portal. The retrieval code was (0;0,1), in case one of the scientists would get trapped in The Submachine. But something went wrong...

Murtaugh, by going through the portal, activated The Submachine's trap around The Root. The Root then became deconnected from the real world, being the real world itself. When Murtaugh came back to The Lab (0;0,1), he also opened an uncontrolled Tempus portal, which brought them to the 2000's. All scientists remembered some things but forgot others...

In October 2005, one of the Machinists found himself in The Basement of The Root. He forgot about The Root, Murtaugh, The Machinists... All he knew was the fact he was trapped in The Submachine. This Machinist, is you.

The Root's transportation Theory (debunked)

The Root's transportation Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-04-04
Debunked 2012-12-10

There were obviously 6 key panels to transport around The Root; The (0,0) code, being the real world, doesn't count as a transportation area.

The different transportation codes of The Root

0,0 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,4 0,5 0,6
1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6
2,0 2,1 2,2 2,3 2,4 2,5 2,6
3,0 3,1 3,2 3,3 3,4 3,5 3,6
4,0 4,1 4,2 4,3 4,4 4,5 4,6
5,0 5,1 5,2 5,3 5,4 5,5 5,6
6,0 6,1 6,2 6,3 6,4 6,5 6,6

If we had double key panels, we would be able to transport to 48 areas (+1 for the base of The Root)

Like all the key panels are unique, we can't transport to double area codes. The exact number of areas we can transport to is equal to: 7x7-7 ---> 49-7 ---> 42

42 is yet known to be the meaning of life, according to "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"

Is Murtaugh aware of this? Maybe he is... Maybe he isn't...

Maybe he is trying to interfere with the base system of the world: If he does know this, it is possible he is the creator of The Submachine, planning every single move of any upcoming events. You are aware of this: he told us himself in Submachine 6: The Edge: "Unfortunately, your adventure ends here." which means he is trying to stop or eliminate us.

Maybe that's the reason why you don't meet anyone in The Submachine...

Maybe you're the only one in it... You have to find a way out.

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