Old pearl

Old pearl

Weighting a string, accessing secrets

The old pearl is an item found in Submachine 1: The Basement and in Submachine 10: The Exit.


It is a simple small, round, white pearl. Although Sub1 describes it as "old", the item itself doesn't show any outward signs of age, such as discoloration or damage.

Location and functionEdit

The old pearl is initially contained inside a cracked gem energy pipe dripping pink liquid. It is obtained by solving the valve puzzle. After placing the valve in a pipe and appropriately setting the position of three yellow screws, the valve can be turned. Doing this overpressurizes the pipe holding the pearl, causing it to burst. The pearl can then be picked up.

Old pearl target location

The result of the pearl weighting the string in Sub1.

Once obtained, the pearl can be attached to the string of a gray grandfather clock. This counterbalances the opposite string, which is already weighted down with a pearl, opening the compartment in the top of the clock. This reveals tile B.

Both pearls can be collected in Sub10 and input into special devices to obtain secrets.


  • When the pearl is attached to the string in the grandfather clock, the clock plays a short song, consisting of tingling chimes and bells.
  • Although it is assumed to be a clock, the "clock" that the pearl is used on doesn't display any visible clock face. Therefore, it's conceivable that it had some other purpose, or only existed to hide the tile.
  • When the player returns to the basement in Submachine 10, they are just referred to as pearls when collected.

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