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Einstein the Cat Theory (debunked)

Einstein the Cat Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-04-11
Doubtful 2011-04-25
Debunked 2016-01-13
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In the 1900s, Albert Einstein was between the scientists who helped to build the first Submachine.

Later, he became famous for his theory of relativity, which was a result of the studies that he was doing on the submachine.

At his death, he reincarnated in a cat, which is actually the black cat that Murtaugh found at the lighthouse, mentioned in his notes in Sub2. In this form, Einstein acquired special karma abilities that allowed him to travel through space-time. His mission now is saving the Submachine from being destroyed, so he has stayed close to Mur for preventing him to damage the Submachine.

He told Liz about his plans, and now she's helping Einstein in his mission.

Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory (likely)

Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2016-01-06
Likely 2016-01-15

In the 1920s, the scientists Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein contemplated an extension of Albert Einstein's general relativity to account for the only other known force at that time, electromagnetism, in a single geometric theory. The theory predicted in an unified way, from the pure geometry of spacetime, the existence of gravity, electromagnetism, and even had room for an extra scalar field, usually known as the dilaton or radion.

But this theory had a problem: it required a fifth extra spatial dimension, curled up into a circle (the mathematical term is an U(1)-fiber bundle over the ordinary spacetime manifold). These ideas were mostly discarded with the advent of quantum mechanics, but even today, scientists are looking for extra compactified dimensions predicted by some theories of quantum gravity, like string theory.

Now, we know that the universe Submachine lives in has five spacetime dimensions. Four of them are already known to us: three for ordinary space and one for time. My theory is that the last one, the fifth dimension or axis through which the different layers and sub-layers are arranged, has the topology of a circle: a compact dimension. The seven main layers are marked points in this circle, with all the sub-layers lying in between.

But electromagnetism is already built into the quantum mechanics of the Submachine universe, so what other electromagnetism-like fundamental interaction could this extra dimension give rise to? The answer is right before our eyes: the karma interaction.

In analogy with ordinary electromagnetism, this karma force would be mediated by k-photons. There would also exist an analogue of electric charge, the karma charge, carried by k-leptons, the karmic version of electrons (and perhaps k-nucleons also exist). Karmically charged matter, stored in wisdom gems and some kinds of coil, could then be used to power up devices, as ordinary batteries do. There could exist atoms and molecules with k-leptons instead of electrons, mixed with ordinary molecules, which explains the restoring effect of focused karma (which we can see in action in Submachine 10) as the manipulation of karmic molecules sitting inside ordinary matter.

The eyes of native people from the Submachine universe would have evolved to see k-photons as well as ordinary photons. The corresponding cone and rod cells are capable of seeing white, blue and green karma light.

In general relativity, electrically charged rotating black holes (called Kerr-Newman black holes) exist, and, if they are properly stabilized, allow for their use as wormholes, including the capability of time travel. The same effects should be achieved with karmically charged rotating black holes, which would be precisely the karma portals Murtaugh is capable of making. The light karma portals emit is thus due to Hawking radiation (which also causes the karma portal to decay and disappear over time).

Karmic water is not really water, but a certain kind of matter whose atoms all have k-leptons. In liquid form at ambient temperature, it reacts when thin layers of it are exposed to brass or other k-leptonophile materials, expanding and creating patterns in the air which crystallize, as we can see in the Temple. The continuous excitation and deexcitation of k-leptons makes the water glow a green karma light, which is also the light that beamers can produce and concentrate.

K-leptons, by their charged nature, have a constant velocity component over the fifth dimension, proportional to their karma-charge-to-mass ratio, as the Kaluza-Klein theory demonstrates. This allows them to have an effect over several layers at once, which is partially responsible for the known destructive effects of unfocused karma energy. The navigator talkes advantage of this effect, karmically charging the user so as to transport them to another layer. This only works when the corresponding beamer is active, since the navigator must ensure the user is charged with a certain reference velocity over the fifth dimension. As the architects of the Plan discovered, it is possible to "dope" certain special k-leptonophile materials with karmic water to make structures and devices persistent between layers.

What about the forgotten dilaton? This field basically controls the size of the curled up dimension, i.e. the "nearness" of the layers, which is allowed to vary in space and time. Normally the dilaton is stabilized, with a constant value that keeps all layers separate. However, in the Knot, the high concentration of karmic materials causes the dilaton field to drastically drop its value, effectively making all layers collapse into one. Related to this is the concept of vertical loop. As horizontal loops are related to an anomaly in the time dimension, so are vertical loops related to anomalies in the radial dimension, or the size of objects. As an horizontal loop makes the person who is exiting it to go back in time to when they enter it, so does a vertical loop make small sized objects repeat the structure of the Universe at the largest scales.

How does the layer of light fit into all this? As we know, the eighth layer freely floats over the seven main layers and their sub-layers. This could mean that this layer is somehow extended through all the others. This behavior is similar to the one of the indeterminate "number" 0/0. This expression contains, in some sense, every other number, since if for any X, X*0=0, then X=0/0. A mathematical structure containing 0/0 is called a wheel: analogously, the eighth layer would be the center of the wheel formed by all the remaining layers, "touching" or "containing" every other layer but at the same time different from all of them. It is also known that the layer of light is coupled to the time dimension in a similar manner, "touching" or "containing" every moment of time, so that time appears frozen from the perspective of an observer inside it. The name "layer of light" is given after the light emitted by the k-leptons caused by the friction of movement. In that way, frozen beams of white karma light appear whenever there is movement next to a high concentration of karmic materials, like in the Temple.

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