Parallel Room

L1 parallel room

Sub-location of the pyramid

The parallel room is part of the pyramid from Submachine 9: The Temple.


The parallel room features the same architecture as most of the other rooms in the red section of the pyramid. The walls and floor are blood red, and panels covering the wall bear unrecognizable runes and symbols. A gate on the left side controls access to the rest of the Pyramid. Red resin covers the floor and half-buries a candle-holder with three white candles.


This room is unique because it provides the most clear example of layer superposition in Submachine 9. The player can use the navigator to switch between layers in this location and is greeted with a slightly different scene in each layer.

While other rooms' features change during a layer switch in Sub9, no other room exhibits changes in all seven layers. In this case the central object in the room changes each time. One of these layers offers the key needed to bypass the wall.


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