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Mur Is the Submachine Theory (debunked)

Mur Is the Submachine Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-05-05
Doubtful 2009-05-25
Debunked 2009-12-21

I got this idea when I realized you NEVER see Mur physically, only by talking to him through the computer in Sub 4, and his messages to you in Sub 5. Mur is the Submachine's AI, there are no other people in the submachine and if they were there all dead. If the player was the only human in the submachine then all the notes from other people were created by the submachine to make the player think there are other people. The submachine is testing the player with the puzzles for a unknown purpose, maybe for some sort of war.

Submachine Compression Theory (debunked)

Submachine Compression Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-05-06
Still alive 2009-05-20
Doubtful 2011-02-26
Debunked 2016-01-13

Think of the Submachine as a orb of sorts, with in the orb are many places (i.e. the lighthouse). New places that are added are added to the outer areas of the orb and the older ones get pulled into the center. The Places with in the Submachine float around inside and slowly get pulled into the center, so things in the center are older then things farther out. The Shell of the Submachine expands as more items enter the Net so that it may fit more into it one day.

The oldest section of the Submachine is the Ancient Section, the Lighthouse has almost pressed up against it. The lab is newer and the ship (Sub 4) looks old but is probably moving slower or is in a place it can’t be seen from the other older places. The root is connected to the pipe room with in the light house that is behind that brick wall, the root is not in one place but all over.

Within the shell of the submachine are its defense systems.

Connection between Sub0 and Sub2 Theory (debunked)

Connection between Sub0 and Sub2 Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-05-11
Debunked 2009-05-25

In Sub0 the person you play as is the same person you are in the rest of the series, but in Sub0 he is not in the Submachine. The Wisdom Gem was placed in that shrine by someone but I’m not sure who. Upon taking the gem the player is transported into the submachine along with the area around him. But for some reason those ruins arrived in different places and possibly at different times. The thing about Sub1 is that in sub2 you're standing in front of a arcade game with it on it, so maybe you just woke up and played the game and when you won you noticed you were in a different place and without any memories of where you did come from. The reason I say in different times is because when you find the ancient section it has been changed a little bit, also it seems older. So maybe when the player got sucked in after taking the wisdom gem he, or she, did not appear there right away but instead was slowly absorbed in or put into some sort of sleep before reappearing. It could be that the player gets sucked into the submachine before Mur does, but arrives sometime after Mur has been there, like a slight time warp.

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