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Primary Defense System

1-n protocol series

Defense system
Store human imprint to track and remove humans from the subnet

The primary defense system is part of the overarching defense system that prevents outside threats from attacking the subnet, more specifically the Core.


The primary DS stores recognition patterns that the secondary defense system uses to prevent certain types of objects/things trespassing to/from the Edge. It also enables/disables basicn functions of the entire defense system.

Primary DS ProtocolsEdit

Mainframe protocol. This protocol is behind the protocol gate 1-0. The gate only opens if the protocol 1-12 (primary defense system) is offline. This is the base switch for enabling/disabling the defense system.

This message flashes onscreen when the switch is disabled:

011101000110100001101001011100110010 000001101001011100110010000001110100 011010000110010100100000011001010110 111001100100001000000110111101100110 001000000111010001101000011001010010 000001110011011101010110001001101110 011001010111010000100000011001000110 010101100110011001010110111001110011 011001010010000001110011011110010111 0011011101000110010101101101

Which translates to: "this is the end of the subnet defense system"

Protocol containing the human recognition pattern. The data can be reset. This protocol is shielded by protocol gate 1-12 which is opened by deactivating protocols 1-28, 1-32 and 1-35. The human recognition pattern contained within reads:


Which translates to: "human recognition pattern tracking device pr".

Protocol that gives/denies access to the human recognition pattern protocol 1-12.

Protocol that gives/denies access to the human recognition pattern protocol 1-12. The protocol can be set to either 00101011 "+" or 00101101 "-".

Protocol that gives/denies access to the human recognition pattern protocol 1-12.


1-n access map

Primary defense system access map

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