The Pyramid



The pyramid is a location in Submachine 9: The Temple.


This location consists of a giant pyramid made of seven floors, in the shape of a triangular prism supported on one of its side faces, located next to the garden. The pyramid is positioned on top of the temple.

The pyramid is divided into three main areas, each of which is subdivided into floors: the blue area, consisting of the two upper floors; the red area, consisting of the two middle floors; and the white (gray) area, consisting of the three lower floors. The top of the temple is located inside the top of the latter. The player first enters the pyramid on the lower red floor.

All areas house multiple relics and symbols of different cultures/religions, including things from Egypt, cultures from Submachine 0, the Orient, and especially Hinduism. Objects in this area tend to be made of brass and some can be used with karmic water.

Blue and red areasEdit

The blue and red areas are lit by two types of candles: some white, others matching the color of the room. It could be possible that the color of the candle determines the color of the room.

White (gray) areaEdit

This area is also lit by white candles, possibly enforcing the fact that the candle color determines the illumination color. In this section in particular, multiple instances of stone breakage and wearing away of building material can be observed.


Pyramid map


  • The small openings leading off of every other floor of the pyramid are "air shafts", much like those used in Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza. The purpose of these "air shafts" in either case is not fully known.
  • The very top of the pyramid is occupied by the destination of the karma portal in Elizabeth's tomb. A floor below to the left is the destination of the karma portal in Murtaugh's tomb. This could be symbolism showing how Elizabeth is always one step above Murtaugh, one position senior to him. This conclusion is supported by the Explorer and The Healer secret note found in Submachine 9.
  • The deposits of a red substance found may be red amber, also known as baltic amber or cherry amber[1]. This type of amber is known for its use in carving statues of Buddha, thus suggesting possible religious connections with Buddhism and the Orient. However in the real world red amber is extremely rare.

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