Theories by REDX36.

Karma Decay Theory (still alive)

Karma Decay Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-12-17
Still alive 2011-01-03
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Still alive 2014-11-05
Fluorescent vines

Walkway falling apart

As you saw in Sub 7, karma portals create decay. This decay is leading to the destruction of the first dimensional layer of the Subnet. To prevent this from happening other areas, the Submachine has set up defense systems that prevent the use of Karma and destroy humans to prevent them from possibly creating Karma Portals. This has been seen to protect the Submachine from decay altogether, as in the lab when underground, the basement, and in the defense systems themselves, but in outlying areas such as the lighthouse, the ancient section, and the root, this is not effective. If a portal is ever opened again in the Core, as Liz said, it could destroy it and cause the subnet to collapse upon itself, which would severely affect the top-world. People would find out about the Submachine and the solitude scientists there longed for would be destroyed, and Murtaugh would escape the core and start creating karma portals outside of the Submachine. This could create the same effect in the real world.

Sub-Bot Theory (doubtful)

Sub-Bot Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-01-02
Doubtful 2011-01-16

The Edge

Part 1 - Edge Defenses Theory

As the outer rim of the subnet became unstable, the submachine created the edge, a defense system designed to protect the subnet from the instability of the outer rim. Only sub-bots could move through these defenses, and were given pIDN's for security. The sub-bots purpose in the rim was to explore for the scientists in the core and to destroy any living things it encountered, including Murtaugh, his team, and even plants, which is why you don't see any in the submachine games, except for areas past the defense systems, such as the Core. The sub-bots eventually created a permanent settlement directly across from the edge, over the canyon know as the void. The outer rim continued to mutate and grow, and surrounded the edge. The part of the rim so mutated it became almost nonsense, was the loop, where anybody, sub-bot or human, could be trapped in for the rest of their existence.

Stationary Portal Theory (confirmed)

Stationary Portal Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-01-25
Confirmed 2011-02-05

Have you ever wondered why the portal in SNEE changes depending on where you go? Say, in one place, it's clean and gray and not covered in anything, but in coordinate 277, it is covered in a rust like material. Why? When Murtaugh created the four (or more) teams, he knew the had to get around the subnet, even though they did not have Karma abilities. He used his karma arm to travel to every part of the subnet and set up the reverse engineered portals wherever he could. Then his teams could travel freely throughout the Net.

Core of Knowledge Theory (debunked)

Core of Knowledge Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-04-01
Debunked 2011-04-11

Debunked on April 11th, 2011 The Core is a database or a storage place for knowledge and history when the government banned intellect, sometime in the future. It was built by scientists who were trying to escape the (now communist) government and keep Earth's history alive. This was headed by Henry O'Toole and "The King". Henry to measures to save history b even modeling the core after the gardens of Versailles. Some time late, Elizabeth was a scientist in the core, trying desperately to escape the government, when a man named Murtaugh claimed to be a renegade scientist too trying to escape the Communists.

He started creating karma portals, a skill he got from a waterfall accident in Kent Falls. Liz warned him, however, that the creation of these portals could harm the structure of the subnet (which existed long before the humans came and built the core). Murtaugh didn't listen, and the Core started collapsing. In reality, Murtaugh was a spy from the government, who trying his best to destroy the core. Elizabeth and the other scientists found out, and expelled him from the core. They also created the Edge, a defense system against government spies, and sub-bots, to act as further security. On top of this, they created portals for the sub-bots that only they could use.

Murtaugh, on the other hand, started recruiting civilians to help him get into the core, of course, without their knowledge. Among them were the four teams, the people who made it to the edge but did not go through, and the player. He trained them to be able to disable the defense systems, a task he was not willing to do himself. We were the only ones who were successful, but we turned away from Murtaugh when he clearly abandoned us. We escaped to the core, finding it in ruins, and all the scientists dead. There were notes, however, from Liz, the only survivor. We followed theses notes and eventually made it to the large Karma portal, that Murtaugh made, to escape to Layer 5.

The people there tried to bury him in the lighthouse before expelling him (they too survived the collapses), and now Murtaugh is trying to get his revenge on them.


Submachine Earth Theory (doubtful)

Submachine Earth Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-12-01
Doubtful 2016-01-15
Location in Subnet

Earth is another name for The submachine. The Sub-Net could be the crust and the mantle, and Earth's core is The Core. This explains why the Root, the Ancient Section, the Edge, and the Lighthouse are underground. Also, if the submachine seems to make certain areas of the Sub-Net clean and refined, such as the Edge, the Lab in Sub 4 gets newer as you go down.

If Mur and his crew want to destroy the Submachine, then he really would destroy the world. The Submachine does not want to be destroyed, and trys to keep out humans. But it seems only humans that use Karma, a type of physics altering force, are notciable by the defense systems. The code the Submachine uses to identify humans in Sub 6 is only for humans with Karma abilities. The player's goal is to let Mur 'end' the Submachine but he may not know what the Submachine really is, Earth.

Part 2 - Player As Sub-Bot Theory

Us, the player, escaped this. How? Murtaugh wanted us. Through the Sub1 game, Mur hacked a passing sub-bot to listen to him. Guiding him through the submachines, we eventually turned off the defense systems that only our kind could go through. As Mur no longer needed us, he left us to die. We escaped through a portal that was only usable by sub-bots, and reverse engineered by humans to create the sub4 portal. We ended up in the core, to find no visible sub-bots, who either fell of the floating islands, or were shut down when the defense systems did.

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