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Here are some of my theories about the submachine series! I hope you enjoy reading them. :)

The Submachine was created by different cultures long ago (debunked)

The Submachine was created by different cultures long ago
Theory history
Submitted 2011-06-26
Doubtful 2012-12-10
Debunked 2016-01-15
Submachine wallpaper 2

Do you notice how in Submachine 0 and in Submachine: 32 Chambers, you are in an ancient area? Submachine 0 looks as if it was created by eygptians and Submachine: 32 Chambers looks Mayan. There are many other cultures to but there are too many to list, just check out this. Cultural influences in the Submachine series

This could be because the submachine was created at dawn of time. Every culture could have added on to the submachine over time and when they died out the submachine started to maintain itself. The reaon it maintains its self is because of the wisdom gems. These cultures could have created these gems to give power to the submachine, but then they started running out of supplies to make the gems so they had to abandon the submachine.

The submachine could have copied the things these cultures used and made to create it, so the submachine started building these items and the sub-net started growing.

Years later, Murtaugh stumbled across the submachine. He started to explore it and bring teams and technology down there. The submachine detected this human activity and started building the things Mur brought down into it. That is why you see chairs and other items down in the submachine.

Mur is The Submachine (debunked)

Mur is The Submachine
Theory history
Submitted 2011-06-26
Debunked 2012-12-10

There is a lot of evidence Murtaugh is the submachine. The machine could have killed Mur and taken in his personality, thats why there are notes everywhere. The machine could have killed every single person who went down there by telling them to deactivate the defence system and entering the core.

When they enter the core the submachine could vaporise them, taking in all of their knowlege and their personality. That is why the player has found no-one in the sub-net. They are completely alone.

You (the player) are Mur (debunked)

You (the player) are Mur
Theory history
Submitted 2011-06-26
Debunked 2012-12-10

You (the player) could be Murtaugh, accept the amnesia effect has taken his (your) memory away.

All of the notes to the player could be from Mur (yourself) to you, just incase you do lose your memory (in this case, you have). But in Submachine 4: The Lab, when you contact Mur on the computer, you could be talking to a sub-bot, given orders from the submachine, to talk to you and give you instructions. In Submachine 6: The Edge, the message from Mur was probably sent by the submachine its self, or was sent by a sub-bot, yet again, to help you.

The tree in the South Garden is the main source of energy (debunked)

The tree in the South Garden is the main source of energy
Theory history
Submitted 2011-07-05
Still alive 2012-12-10
Debunked 2016-01-15

The tree in the south garden in sub 7 could be the main source of energy. Scince the leaves are blue, this could mean there is karmatic energy in the tree which is powering the whole submachine. Let me explain, the game is called the core, you are in the core, the tree is in the core, all of the energy comes from the core, the tree is giving out the energy from the core which can only mean that the tree is the main source of energy. There is proof for this, the wisdom gems are blue, the leaves are blue. The wisdom gems give out energy, the tree gives out energy. Energy powers the subnet.

There is also another chance that ALL of the plants in the core could power the subnet, not only that one big tree. They are all connected through the roots, sending energy everywhere around the sub-net.

How they got karmatic energy could be through the soil, the air or the water. Maybe they are genetically modified plants with karmatic energy infused in there cells. My best guess is they were created that way and were never modified or came from outside of the sub-net.

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