Theories by RapidRaccoon808.

I made a Theory for SNEE a while ago on Heres the theory so others can view it on the Submachine Wiki enjoy


Theory history
Submitted 2010-07-18
Debunked 2011-03-05
Location in Subnet

Submachine, first a program now a world of its own it's existance simple a progam that, through simple Ai, became a demensional portal throuout time and space. Expansion Theory is proof of it. But how come it exists in the first place. Well at the start of World War 3, a defence program called Safe Havens was built( A.K.A. Submachine) the best scientists the world came together to build it. Now during its current state most passed away from unknown causes or went to work on FLF. From what I understand means Future Loop Foundation. By now most people thought it was desolate of human life except the vass ammounts of human technology through out the Network, such as Bathrooms and living quarters.

Theres life inside Submachine but very little knowledge of its power source. Very little is known because few have set fourth in Submachine, there is knowledge of one source of power crystals found in some ancient ruins they have been seen to power mysterios cube-like vehicles and a suspiscion that they power strange teleportation devices with 3 didget codes. Theres also electric power because simple light s throughout Submachine. Some Scientists including me think most it's power comes from the AI itself or some other form of witchcraft.

Even though theres proof of little technical advances from photography of progectors, radios, old light, and regular doors from a classified source we do know that there is powerful technology thanks to proof that it is run by AI and a sketch from within Submachine of Advanced computers and security systems which we also belive are monitored by the AI.

We have resieved info from a new source aswell it calls itself Mur. We are uncertain with the info because raising suspicions of it being the AI itself. But we have learned its power from these messages aswell. It invited us into Safe Haven to explain questions, thinking it was a trap some stayed behind while me and two others entered the recording devices we had didn't seem to work as if corrupted we couldn't belive that Mur and/or the AI was this powerful and after a few days of exploration a member of oer exploration dissapeared and the othe was growing mad.

We've not heard any news of life outside Submachine, if World War 3 ended, or even know what it looks like outside. I can't tell the time because my watch became corrupted the third day inside. I now know why theres the use of old technology now and I belive each room is a demension of it's own using those portals as demensional travel. A while back using a clipboard I found and some pens and paper I began recording rooms 001 through 999.

Around pages one through ten full of recordings of rooms I left my mad partner behind who was speaking a language that I suspect the same as that of early sivilazations which ruins supplied those bloody crystals.

By now I'm on a new page filling out four others three of which I can't read after accidentally dropping in a puddle of one room. I've become hungry because lack of food yet not thirsty thanks to the occasional sink. I've become low on ink on my pen a while ago and took more from a study room I just found. I also found some strange beads latelly there to small and inedibble to solve my hunger problem.

By now its hard to continue with thoughts of why did I enter and is there even a world out there. I've seen life lately including a cat, a man, and something that I'm unsure of seeing. this leads me to the usumption I think I'm growing mad.

A while back I saw a man the more I think of it I wonder if it was Mur or even the third partner that went missing on the beginning of the Trek? I know it wasn't not my second partner he's long gone by now, He should of come. He's probably dead by now.

This is my last paper, I'm at the verge of insanity... Mur and/or the AI could also be playing tricks on me, but how what I saw made could not be done by AI. I saw something that made me hide here in #808. What I saw was impossible, I must be crazy or the AI is to powerful...

I've calmed down and I'm OK theres no way I saw my dead brother, no way I think I understand what Mur and AI wanted to show us. It wants to give me something, by now I don't care it's better than hiding plus it can help me out or get rid of this pain in my chest thanks to hunger and lately this lack of water. All I have to do is wait here in 808. to recieve a gift.

I can't wait. I think Submachine drove me mad...

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