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Informational life form theory (doubtful)

Informational life form theory
Theory history
Submitted 2012-04-15
Still alive 2013-01-27
Doubtful 2016-01-15

First of all, it is needed to mention that subnet is not a mass of dubmachines. The subnet itself is something other.

What is now known as "subnet" is another life form, which has no body, but exists as pure information. As it has no material body, it occupies a vast space, which we can also call "subnet". This life form has an ability of transforming matter into information. This is the main feature of subnet in its origin. But contacting with humans changed it greatly. It is highly possible that first contacts with the subnet came in humans old days, and that is proved by ancient and tomb locations as they represent ancient culture. But that contacts were one-way – people just placed their temples where they noticed something strange, and subnet observed them, gathering new information for its evolution. But in the beginning of 20th century people started to investigate subnet, as they were interested in its independence from space and time. These researches led to creation of teleporters. First of them were used in the Root location. They work as encoders and decoders. First, they use subnet properties to encode a human into a data massive, with a “location” parameter and its value in relative coordinates. Second, they change a “location” parameter values according to cipher plates. Third, they decode a data massive back into human, but with changed coordinates – and here you are!
But this time, contact was two-way. People learned to transform pure information into matter. They were able to draw sound, to measure sunlight, to turn into electricity and back. And subnet learned to do it too. It repeated people’s successes, and began to build its material body. First parts of subnet itself were connected with human world, as they needed energy sources. But then wisdom gems were created by people, and the subnet stole it or its production technology and became independent. Maybe first location created by subnet only was the loop, as it used a relative coordinate system, as the Root. But then subnet started to build more and more modules. It was not an expansion in fact, it was just transformation. And now subnet is fully autonomic structure, able to support and restore itself.

Subnet purposes and human threats.
Subnet doesn’t just expand pointlessly, it has a purpose. And this purpose is evolution. For subnet, as an informational life form no evolutions means no changes, no changes means no data, no data means death. And the evolution can be of two sorts:
1. Informational. It consists of gathering new data, creating new protocols and thus becoming more intelligent and complicated.
2. Material. It consists of building new parts of its material body, and making them more functional, more sophisticated and so on.
To evolve successfully, subnet needs independence, that’s why it uses a wisdom gems as a source of energy.
So, humans in the subnet appeared to endanger subnet’s evolution opportunities, because:
1. Using wisdom gems for people’s purposes makes subnet in depend of human world energy
2. Traveling through the subnet they create a chaotic data, that causes mistakes and breaches in protocols, endangering informational evolution possibility
3. Trying to take control over subnet location, humans reduce material evolution possibility.
That’s why Liz wasn’t absorbed by the net – she was just an observer, she created no danger for subnet’s evolution, and so she was allowed to stay there, like a “trusted zone” in anti-virus programs.
And here comes a paradox: subnet needs humans, as it gathers data mainly by studying them, but it must not allow them to enter subnet. That’s why it can’t just close all the borders, and needs to create defensive system instead

The Edge and the Core
In my opinion, location known as the Core may not be actual heart of subnet; it is just a main node of its material part. Subnet still has immaterial part – beyond the edge. The real subnet is more like a colossal massive of data and protocols, like what we’ve seen in defense system, but much more complicated.
When traveling by teleporters, a person faces three dangers: first – encoding mistake. This leads to wrong entrance in subnet, and impossibility to return into our world. Second – subnet aggression. When subnet created its own body, human beings turned into a threat, and now each traveling human can be absorbed by subnet eventually. May be this is what happening to all travelers, soon or late. Third – decoding mistakes. This is what, in my opinion, happened to Mur. He found a teleporter, used it, but a part of information were not decoded (because of subnet aggression or damaged teleporter), so he lost his arm, but as part of him was still informational, he obtained a permanent connection with subnet and ability of creating his own portals. But using them damages data massives, so it is dangerous for subnet's structure

The Loop. If it uses a relative coordinates system, taken from human's Root, it can be sort of a training field for subnet to learn to transform information into matter - it is just a place with a simple protocol activating transportation, and it has a randomizer, I guess. And it happened to be a good barrier against invaders, that's why it is still working.

I'm very grateful to Azareus, Vortex, Lucas_Gelati, Vurn, Prupp, Postillionen, Brett Gilpin, sundayfever, Sublevel 101, Insane Mad Scientist: Hououin Kyouma, ak + soulllock, CrestedT, Gemini for their appreciation and helpful advises.

And of course I must say this theory is inspired by books and anime "Melanholy of Haruhi Suzumia" by Tanigava Nagaru and idea of informational life forms belongs to him.

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