Theories by user Rever Man.

Cipher Plate Theory (confirmed)Edit

Cipher Plate Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2015-08-11
Confirmed 2016-01-15

In SNEE, 553, there is a room that can contain 6 cipher plates. In other area in SNEE, we see cipher plate terminal. So those terminal were originally meant to transport the player, far before portal technology existed.

Layer 5 isn't layer 5? (doubtful)Edit

Layer 5 isn't layer 5?
Theory history
Submitted 2015-08-13
Doubtful 2016-01-15

I tought of that.

  • The temple is located in the fifth layer;
  • As said in Sub 8 secrets, Layer 5 is different;

I think that layer 5 is actually the first layer, so layer 1! It would be kinda logic since you teleported from layer 5 in Sub 7, plus if we can see a location from all layer, the unchanged one is the original.

We killed a mouse (doubtful)Edit

We killed a mouse
Theory history
Submitted 2015-08-19
Doubtful 2016-01-15

In Submachine 4, when you open the gate with the acidi-thing, blood come out of the plate. My explanation is that the blood belonged to a mouse who lived behind the plate. Simple

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