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Waveform Collapse Expansion Theory (debunked)

Waveform Collapse Expansion Theory
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Submitted 2014-12-02
Debunked 2016-01-13
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On Creation

It had to have began with the root, maybe a project being worked on there.

It is very likely that they were experimenting with technology beyond our understanding, and said technology emits a sort of energy. The wisdom crystals possibly, they managed to stabilize the energy waveform for the use of powering whatever they were working on until there was an accident.

In theory, they were working on the submachine, but the submachine's existence may be a result of the accident itself, but that is pure conjecture

When the accident occurred everything fell apart, the laws of space and time, possibly even the laws of physics themselves. In summary: the energy waveform 'collapsed'

Now, there are two very different ways to think of this, I'm unsure of which one is correct.

First: We have the 'Collapse Idea'

For a accurate visualization, a massive star, such as a sun, will last a long time, but when it dies it will go supernova and collapse into a black hole. Of course, it could also turn into a neutron star, but for the sake of theory, lets pretend it turns into a black hole.

That is what the energy waveform did when it collapsed, it became something like a black hole and created something of a parallel world.

My personal belief is that parallel worlds exist, but on different waveform frequencies, the submachine is no different, both ideas follow the concept that the submachine exists in the same space as the rest of the world except on a different frequency. The Collapse Idea has one big difference.

It's possible that it's punched through and is sucking things in, likely random things without rhyme or reason, and when sucked in they get warped by the submachine itself.

This would mean that beyond the edge would be an event horizon of sorts.

Of course, this is following the concept that the submachine is sucking things IN.

Then we have the other concept, the 'Expansion Idea'.

That follows the idea that when the energy waveform collapsed it caused an explosion of immaterial energy.

I have a visualization for this too: the Big Bang which created the universe itself.

This is causing the submachine to expand randomly at an exponential rate, creating different places and areas eternally. The loop would be this in its purest form: infinite, eternal, and constantly expanding.

Of course, both of these ideas have a... downside of sorts.

If the submachine keeps expanding whether through its own creation or through sucking things in, eventually the submachine will reach a critical mass and collapse in on itself.

After that, one of several things could happen, first: the submachine would collapse in and cease to be, that's all she wrote.

Second: it could create a massive explosion that would destroy the submachine, and a good chunk of the world.

Finally: there's the absolute worse case scenario where the energy released in the explosion takes out the Earth, (assuming the submachine is still in the same space as the Earth and not somewhere halfway across the galaxy by now) a couple planets around the earth, and proceeds to cause the sun to go supernova thus dooming the Solar System.

Although, to be perfectly frank, the second and third ideas are highly unlikely and the most likely thing is that the submachine will cease to exist, as will everyone in it.

Now, if its expanding or sucking things in, there's obviously an epicenter, such as an earthquake has. That central point is where everything is happening from. Now this is just a theory, but if the cause can be deactivated or destroyed, it could momentarily create an escape point from the submachine to whatever space we're sharing with right now.

Stabilizing the waveform somehow, though unlikely to occur, could also do the trick.

However, given that the epicenter is the CAUSE of this, discontinuing its existence would be almost the same as the submachine reaching critical mass, only it would just destroy the submachine itself, nothing else.

Although it's possible that it will just bring a halt to all expansion, that is a rather appealing concept.

On Amnesia and the Submachine Itself.

It has been noted that the submachine causes amnesia in its explorers, that is likely a reaction with... lets read what I wrote already... right, it's likely caused by coming into contact with the immaterial energy and the warped space itself. Given that the energy is immaterial, it cannot be interacted with, it could be surrounding us and we'd never even know it's there, but that's what immaterial means, isn't it?

However unlikely, the submachine may have a will of its own and seems to positively delight in the death of the explorers, I may soon join them. The reason for that may have something to do with the waveform collapse and the possibility of a wormhole of sorts being opened, even if for a short time. If that happened, its possibly that some sort of entity passed through and has manifested within the submachine itself. Although its unlikely that the entity understands us, but perceives us as threats."

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