Second Floor

Second floor

wiq (SubVerse)

The second floor of the lighthouse appears both in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse and in the Submachine Universe.


This area resembles the first floor of the lighthouse, except the walls and floor are a deep teal color. This area is accessible from the lighthouse tower. The area is divided into a central room with two doors, leading to a left side and a right side.

Signs of a cave-in are apparent in the left side. A typewriter and a radio can also be found on the left side. The right side contains a safe holding a lightbulb, a bed, and a mechanical hand.

In the Submachine Universe, this location makes up one part of the quiet rooms. Security cameras appear in this location, but they have been blindfolded. Chalk scribbling are on the walls. A drawing by the location author can be found on the desk with the typewriter.


Second floor map

Wiq lighthouse map

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