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The FusionFall Theory (debunked)

The FusionFall Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-04-18
Debunked 2016-01-15

Towards the end of the fusion war, a great genius realized that both side would totally annihilate each other, so he invented the first submachine as a place to hide from the fusions. What he thought was true, and there were little survivors on either side. Little of the fusions survived, and even their king, Lord Fuse perished. On the other side, everyone but a small amount of humans perished. The fusions went into hiding and the humans repopulated.

Murtaugh was one of the humans who survived, but the Murtaugh in the lighthouse was his fusion double. They decided to bury him, lighthouse and all. But, the fusion escaped and is the Mur we know from the submachine games. The real Mur is with the people who buried the lighthouse. (This is my way of saying Goodbye to FusionFall.)

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