Throughout the Submachine series, the player has encountered numerous items of silverware. However, their uses within the game aren't their intended ones.


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Spoon A metal spoon appears in Submachine 1: The Basement. The spoon is found in a dresser drawer that is opened slowly by playing a radio.

The spoon is used to short-circuit the generator after it begins working. This serves two purposes: giving the player access to tile A, and giving access to the hidden wisdom gem.

The same spoon also appears in Submachine 10: The Exit, however it is only used for collecting a secret.


Fork sub2 A metal fork appears in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse. This fork is found in an indent in the lighthouse dungeon's wall after unlocking both ladders. It is used to bridge a pair of broken wires, acting as a connection bridge. This allows a ladder leading to the portal at the lighthouse's top to drop.

A different fork appears in Submachine 10: The Exit at the Meditation temple, after it is unlocked by using the four-square lock at the lighthouse dungeon. It is then used in the dungeon to bridge some broken wires. This mirrors its function in Sub2.


Two knives appear in the Submachine series.

The first knife appears in Submachine 4 in the ancient section. It appears gold-plated like the statues seen elsewhere with a slit through the middle, like a switchblade, and has a hilt on the end. It's used twice: first to cut the rope holding tile A at the ancient section's highest level, then to cut the wires on the ship holding its lower ladder pipe shut.

The second knife is found in Submachine: Future Loop Foundation and Submachine: FLF just after escaping the ward. Around the corner is a silver knife with a leather hilt. It is used to cut the stitches in the padded room's wall and obtain a keycard.

Cups and platesEdit

While not strictly silverware, several other kitchen items appear throughout the Submachine series. Namely, plates and mugs for tea and coffee.

These items appear in a few different places. A mug makes an appearance in the first area of Submachine 7, sitting on a picnic table. In Submachine Universe, and Submachine 5, in the starting room in the Lab, a plate, a mug, and a piece of half-eaten food are on the floor under the bed. A mug and glasses also appear in the study, on a table next to an armchair.


  • It is interesting to note that when the knife from SubFLF is cutting open the wall of the padded cell, the knife remains in the wall after its use.

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