Sketch of Submachine 2

Menu sub2 sketch

Release date
October 23, 2009

On October 23, 2009, Mateusz Skutnik released a sketch of Submachine 2, showing what the game was originally going to be like. The game played like most room escape games would, containing just a few rooms where the player could view multiple angles of the same room, seeing both the front and back of the same room.


The sketch contains seven secrets to collect, as well as a few keys. One of the main things that was found in the sketch, but not found in the final version was the "blood door", which was a locked door with a large blood spill underneath the door. When one zooms in on the blood and zoomed back out, a message would appear next to the door, in blood, saying "=C". If one zooms in on the blood and take the cogwheel, next part of the message will be seen: "2=C" or "3=C". There was also a light above that door which could be zoomed in on. Of its two screws, the top one was loose, but the creator changed his mind about putting in a screwdriver. The third key, titled "Bronze Key" never unlocked anything.

The player starts with the light bulb, movie memory, copper key and wisdom gem, and 0/7 secrets in the inventory.


Map sub2 sketch 1

Map sub2 sketch 2


Menu sub2 sketch comparison

A comparison of the menu screen of the versions.

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