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Something happened in the lab theory (unvoted)

Something happened in the lab theory
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Submitted 2017-04-05

TL;DR version

A note from the exploraiton teams in the ancient section that mentioned they "Can't go back there anymore" referring to HQ

I was replaying sub4 for the hell of it and I stumbled upon this note in the ancient section

"We don't know the numbers for the basement section. The coordinates are back at headquarters, and clearly we can't go back there anymore."

I don't know if there is anything to go off of this but It is still an important point to make, (I also have absolutely not idea if anybody else has said anything else about this).

Given the note, there is some reason why this exploration team (multiple people) cannot go back to headquarters, and for the time being It was most likely the lab. One reason I could say is that the computer was completely busted, but they still could have pinged Mur for the chords. Also I am unsure why Mur assumed the player was at the computer, because of what happened in the ending of sub 3? that's just speculation. Possibly the Exploration team was on a different layer or timeline so the lab was even more screwed up from their point of view... IDK just speculation here

The subnet in the making / Kara is the player
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Submitted 2017-04-11

The subnet in the making / Kara is the player (unvoted)

TL;DR version

I played covert front and there are plenty of submachine references

TL;DR+ version

From the covert front games, Karl Von Toten probably made the root or part of it, and proceeded to create the machine that gave the net the ability to randomly create more structures.

I finished the covert front series and stumbled upon this:

Squatchface theory image 1
Squatchface theory image 2

That is the compass used to travel around the loop, currently being made by Karl Von Toten. Right outside of his room is a force field similar to those in sub7. This is not new information.

(props to FedericoF for the original images and info from the submachine wiki). I am here to explain what they mean (with the knowledge of sub 0-10 bc he wrote his in 2012)

Squatchface theory image 3

So, We can agree Karl Von Toten either worked on or invented;

  • A compass to track location in the loop
    • It is assumed he has discovered or at least theorized the existence of the loop to create a device to measure it.
  • A machine to transport people to the submachine or create objects within the submachine (it is unclear but more likely the latter1)
  • Some kind of powerful engine (I have no idea)
  • The forcefields used mostly in sub7 (studies of karma? idk)
  • The ability to manipulate reality or at least enter the submachine
    • At the end of the covert front series, Kara leaves with Toten through some kind of door made by a light shining on a wall. She then smashes the light trapping them there (the subnet?).
    • There is a machine in Toten's study that is used to create things out of nothing while Kara is in a void (probably the subnet before it became a net). She creates a replica of Karl Von Toten, except he knows only and all that Kara knows. The room is then instantly and without any effect, transported to the study back in Toten's home.

I can assume that Toten probably has little to no connection to Mur. Except if he helped him with the force fields which is unlikely. He might have had some connection with the expansion of the submachine, or possibly the creation.

The Covert Front series is set in 1904, the submachine wiki says " The Root is the first man-made submachine, built between 1900 and 1906 ". It is very likely Toten was working on the root before he went into hiding from the Germans. Also, if S.H.I.V.A. (or some random mutation of the subnet) somehow gained the ability to randomly create mass in the subnet as it wished, you bet your ass it would expand like hell in a heartbeat.

1 I believe that the player, Kara, is currently in a version of the submachine, as locations and parts of the areas she visits seem to fade, glitch, or randomly change reality. Also that certain parts of her journey are replicated as reoccurring themes here's a video sorry I'm too lazy to record it myself. Also the red chair found in Toten's study is found multiple times over in the submachine series.

As for Kara being the player from the submachine series, it is possible. I have little proof to explain but there must have been time between the end of Covert Front, and the start of Submachine... for all we know, the player could be anyone, or could actually be anyone as throughout the later games people talk about multiple people coming from the edge, guided my Mur, is our character nothing special and just another pawn? Who knows...

(I might add more to this theory later, edit it as you wish)

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