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Shiva override entrance


“Introducing new term into the sub universe:”
— Mateusz Skutnik September 5, 2009

Sub-bots or subbots are robots created by the subnet. The portals in Submachine 4: The Lab and Submachine 5: The Root were reverse engineered by humans from prototypes created for the sub-bots. They were first introduced in Pastel Forum by the author in 2009.


“sub bots”
“you treat them as inhabitants, like humans, like something aware and spread through the net.”
“they're a piece of machinery. just a piece of metal with a job to do.”
Mateusz Skutnik


Sub-bots are similar in length and width to humans[1] and are made from a type of metal.[2] They aren't self aware, although they seem to have good evaluation skills.[2]

In Submachine 10, inactive sub-bots can be found scattered through the locations. They consist of a metal cylinder, serving as their "body", inside which some copper cables can be seen. Attached to it is an articulated metal arm, a glass hemisphere covering a small antenna at one of the cylinder's ends (the "head"), and a metal spike with a round tip at the other end (a single "leg"). Some of the sub-bots are missing one or more pieces.

In the sub-bot research room one can find fan-drawings of reverse engineering sketches by sir William Taylor from research team 006, quadrant 318 (a former user in Pastel Forum known as TheVoid). They show flimsy human-like arms, a connection pod unit, a leg and a head unit. However, these were only prototypes, and sub-bots look completely different.[3]


Their function is similar the Google bots' function: jumping from page to page, and checking for any changes, which will be updated to the main page.[1] They move around the Subnet through the portals. In fact, this network was created specifically for them, and was only later modified by humans to accommodate themselves.[4]

In Submachine Universe it was seen that sub-bots too leave notes behind to receive instructions. All bots have an ID-number (in form #-#-#-#). They go around and analyze problems they found and send messages to some kind of station that orders them to either fix the problem or leave it be.[5]

The message has following facts:

  • The bot's ID
  • The number of its maintenance round.
  • The problem with all of its effects.
  • Presumably the coordinate the bot shall move to next.

Sub-bots have seen seen stored in large pods with electric wiring similar the one seen inside S.H.I.V.A. It is currently unknown what purpose this serves.



  • Author stated that they will not appear in Submachine 6.
    • The Sub-bots were -despite what he had said- hinted at multiple occasions in Submachine 6.
    • The Submachine Universe featured multiple rooms dedicated to the sub-bots.
    • Sub-bots make several appearances in Submachine 10: The Exit, but by that time they have all been shut down for unknown reasons, and as such are just background objects.


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