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Portal Wisdom Gems Theory (confirmed)

Portal Wisdom Gems Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-07-18
Confirmed 2013-01-27

Well, everyone here knows that the three-axis portals let you teleport across the subnet. But what is the POWER that the portals run by? My theory suggests that those portals are powered by wisdom gems.

It makes sense if you think about it. As from SNEE and Sub 5 it shows that wisdom gems have great power. It also explains the electricity that shoots out from the orbs just before you teleport. In SNEE the same electricity that comes out from The Paired Gem Room. If three wisdom gems could make a mover go all the way to The Edge, why couldn't a few gems teleport you to different sections of the Subnet? Theories have been said the Wisdom Gems consist of Karma. If Murtaugh's karma arm can make portals, then so could Wisdom Gems. Maybe even the Sub 6 portals run by gems, who knows?

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