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The Uninhabited Theory (debunked)

The Uninhabited Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Debunked 2011-03-20
Location in Subnet

The submachine is a place that has little or no life in it, kind of like a Schrödinger’s cat kind of thing, how if we can’t see it and we "technically" don’t know its still there, it no longer exists in practicality. Imagine that there is an invisible meter above all locations, the more living, intelligent, things there are in it the more it exists and vice versa. If this meter starts to go into the "red", and by red I mean there aren’t many people in or around it, then it is enveloped into the subnet, and once it is there it is stuck there. That’s why when we are there it doesn’t go back to civilization. Take for example the first submachine, it started as a basement for a building, but then the building was demolished, sealing the basement underground, therefore there was no exit. Because there wasn’t an exit it "doesn’t exist" and is enveloped into the subnet. This idea works with the lighthouse too because it was buried, therefore making it "not exist" and having its interior moved to the subnet. The loop was an experimental project that was studying if an AI can expand itself and the construct it is in. The AI chose to move deep into the ground. The lab was a research facility built in the 60’s by Mur after he escaped from the subnet. Its purpose was to find a way back into the subnet. To aid with having it moved to the Net it was located in a very remote place. While working there Mur and his team found out about an old 1950’s matter transportation project (The Root). They went to go research it and found the cipher boxes. Using the technology of the cipher boxes they built the portals as a way to move around the subnet, when they got there. The first test of the portals went wrong and when Mur tried to jump from the lab to the root he accidentally pulled his entire team with him, leaving the lab empty, damaging the portal, and the Lab was enveloped into the subnet. Now stuck at the Root Mur and his team set up the lights and began to experiment with the cipher boxes more as well as repairing the portal. After some time the portal was repaired and they jumped back to the lab, finding it in the subnet. Mur then proceeded to send out teams to build the defense system and put portals at all of the locations. After awhile the teams got tired but Mur kept pushing them. Liz then decided to hold a mutiny, so she and a small group of scientists escaped from Mur and are now hiding in the subnet. After this happened Mur began capturing people and bringing them into the subnet, erasing their memory, and have them go through tests (sub1, 2, and 3). If they passed all these tests he would use them to do tasks for him. And when you had finished (or failed) the task he sent you to do, he would strand you to die. On whom Mur is I think (going back to the journal entries from sub 1 and 2) he was a scientist of some sort who lived in the mid 1940's. Then he had his accident in Kent and lost an arm, but found the karma arm. Now crippled and with a loss of sprit Mur decided to retire and become a lighthouse keeper. He then discovered the ruins underneath the lighthouse and then the doorway to the root. He spent so much time in the root that he was reported missing and replaced by Liz, another ex-scientist. When he finally emerged from the root he bricked up the doorway so nobody would find it. Realizing that things had changed he went up and met Liz, and they became lighthouse keepers together. Eventually he decided to show Liz the root but he wasn’t able to unbrick the door. Fearing that Mur had gone insane Liz fled, leaving him to sit in his study underneath the lighthouse, think about what he saw in the root. Nobody besides Liz knew that Mur had returned from the Root so the lighthouse was buried with him still inside. He tried to build a portal to escape from the lighthouse. Using what he learned in the root he turned the light into a makeshift portal. He tested it and it worked, but in the process damaging his brain and erasing partial bits of his memory. He was found by a North Pole expedition and saved. He spent the next few years trying to piece back together his memory and it all revolved around one word: Submachine. He decided to hunt down Liz and see if she could help him find the Subnet. Mur eventually found Liz and made up with her, convincing her that he wasn’t crazy. Together they set up a team to get back to the subnet. This is where it connects back to what I said before.

The [Sub]Building Theory (debunked)

The [Sub]Building Theory Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Doubtful 2011-03-20
Debunked 2013-01-27

Try to imagine the biggest building that you can, now multiply that by 999. It’s huge, isn’t it? That’s what this is, the submachine. It’s just one giant building that is in the middle of nowhere. Inside there is a subterranean level going down forever (Sub_3), a basement (Sub_1), and then other levels are either different environments or different time zones, for example a sea (Sub_2), or an ancient time (Sub_0), or perhaps a city (Sub_4). But then there are also people, not very many, but some nevertheless. These people need a way to get around from level to level quickly if needed, so there are these things called cypher plates and a cypher reader that let them jump from place to place. How they made these was experimenting on a deserted rocky level of the building until they made a successful product, while they were there they made a small monitoring post (Sub_5) so that they could still keep an eye on the rest of the building. Eventually these became obsolete because to use them you had to carry around cypher plates. The cypher readers were replaced by the portal devices because they didn’t need objects to get used. Like any good building this building has a security system (Sub_6) with an AI to keep it protected from harm from the outside. Unfortunately sometimes this system has glitches in it, letting a person in (Mur, Liz, Player.), who then goes unnoticed for a while due to the glitch. As for where the first people are they are in the very center of the building (The Core) and wait there doing practicly nothing.

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