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Map walkthrough sub32
  1. Get to the head room.
    • Press on the air glyph at (-1,0,0), the stone will retract.
  2. Get to the Ixtab room
    1. Take the lever handle at (-2,-1,0).
    2. Put it in the slot on the right at (0,-1,0).
    3. Lower the lever, there will be an opening in the sand at (-2,-1,0).
  3. Get to the spike room. NOTE - The tile pattern is: Nothing → WIND FIRE → SAND → AIR → Nothing
    1. Tap on the first tile (1,-2,0) until it displays AIR.
    2. Tap on the second tile (2,-2,0) until it displays WIND.
    3. Tap on the third tile (3,-2,0) until it displays FIRE.
  4. Get to the Ah Puch Chak Chel room.
    • Access to the upper level.
      1. Take the wooden bowl at (-1,-2,0).
      2. Fill it with sand at (3,-4,0).
      3. Empty the wooden bowl filled with sand in the Water-Deny-Drink statue's cup at (2,-4,0).
    • Access the Ah Puch Chak Chel room.
      1. Click 3 times each rotating stone key at (3,-3,0) so they look like an upper right corner.
      2. Click on the door at (2,-3,0).
      3. Get pass the sand.
        1. Take the weighted stone at (2,-4,2).
        2. Put in on the rod at (-1,-2,0).
  5. Access the calendar room.
    1. Click on the rotating stone key at (2,-5,2) so the missing part is in the bottom right.
    2. Toggle the switch at (2,-3,2). (Afterwards, tap the stone key so the missing part is in the bottom left)
  6. Complete the calendar (1,-4,3).
    1. Take the stone cone at (2,-3,1).
    2. Put it on the stand at (1,-5,2).
    3. Collect the missing parts.
      1. Jadeites
        1. At (0,0,0) behind the portal.
        2. At (-1,0,1) just where you came from.
        3. At (-2,-1,0) in the bottom left corner.
        4. At (2,-2,0) in the bottom right corner.
        5. At (0,-3,0) on the third step from the bottom.
        6. At (1,-4,0) on the mosaic.
        7. At (2,-5,4) on the statue's crown.
        8. At (1,-5,4) by clicking on the tooth glyph.
      2. Topaz
        1. At (0,-1,0) in the statue mouth.
          1. Take the first round stone at (3,-2,0) in a box.
          2. Take the second round stone at (2,-5,1) left of the statue.
          3. Put them into the eye sockets
        2. At (0,-3,0) in the opening on the right.
          1. Take the rod at (-2,-2,0).
          2. Put it in the hole.
        3. At (2,-3,0) in the mole glyph.
        4. At (1,-5,2) in a box.
      3. Bacab plates
        Sun stone

        How the calendar should look.

        1. At (-1,0,0) in the box (Autumn).
        2. At (-2,0,0) in the plate (Winter).
        3. At (1,-3,0) over the mosaic (Spring).
        4. At (1,-5,4) on Chak Chel plate (Summer).
    4. Put them on the calendar.
      1. Put the jadeites on the exterior ring.
      2. Rotate it until it snap.
      3. Do the same with the topaz (ring with 4 triangles) and the bacab plates (center ring).

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