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Exit the isolation cell area. Edit

  1. Exit the cell.
    1. Push the third square button on the tape recorder at (0,0,0).
    2. Take the key and unlock the door on the right.
  2. Exit the area.
    1. Find the keycard.
      1. Take the knife at (0,0,1).
      2. Use the knife on every stitches on the wall until you find the keycard at (0,0,0).
    2. Put the keycard in the slot and press the button at (1,0,0).

Get to the memory bank. Edit

  1. Find the slide.
    • Open every locker at (3,1,1) until you find the slide.
  2. Insert the slide in the projector at (3,0,0), click the button and click the projection.

See the movie (really, you have to do this in order of winning the game) Edit

  1. Get to the red movie theater.
    1. Look at the paper over the door at (1,0,0).
    2. Note the code (3218).
    3. Input this code into the lock at (7,0,0)
  2. Find the movie reel.
    1. Look at the code at (1,-2,0).
    2. Note it.
    3. Input this code in the machine at (5,-1,2) and take the movie reel.
  3. Put the movie reel in the projector at (11,0,0).

It's all coming back to me now...
and I almost remember my name...
I know where I must go now... find the root of all of this.

Non-essentials Edit

Calm music Edit

  1. Get the three digit code.
    1. Press the switch at (7,-1,0).
    2. Look at the owl picture in (5,0,1).
    3. Note the number (215)
  2. Get the rune.
    1. Input the tree digit code in the machine at (6,-1,1).
    2. Note the rune.
  3. Listen to the music.
    1. Input the rune in the machine at (5,0,2).
    2. Click the headphones.
    3. Enjoy the music.(you can't enjoy it when the rune is wrong.)

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