“At first we thought there was just one submachine. But then Murtaugh came along, and showed us the truth.”
— Unknown

submerged machine, or submachine, is an independent structure of the subnet composed of different locations that have a common theme and similar architecture. All submachines discovered thus far are connected via portals. Each submachine plays a different role in the subnet, for example the basement is made for transporting energy and useful liquids, while the defense systems protect the subnet from the human infestation.


The original submachine was formed in the Core, one of the two large divisions of the subnet. Its origin is unknown. The first man-made submachine, the Root, was built around 1904 by an unknown group of scientists. The author hinted that one or more of the scientists that originally built the Root had triggered some unknown process that made the subnet expand uncontrollably. Coupled with the actions of Murtaugh, this caused the creation of the wilderness of unmapped Submachines known as the Outer Rim.

In 1932, the ancient submachine was created using a time machine and, with the absorption capabilities of the subnet, it is suggested that it was originally part of the Root and later on that year became an independent submachine.

At first all submachines were part of the Root. They later became independent from it, but these Submachines were flawed copies. Eventually, these Submachines mutated and became the Submachines they are now.

Submachines were created by absorbing real life structures (like the ancient section) or made from scratch by the Subnet itself (like the basement).

At some point, scientists decided to create a lab in order to research the Submachines. The location later was taken under control of Murtaugh, who sent 4 exploration teams in order to explore different submachines and search for new locations.

List of known SubmachinesEdit

Not much is known about submachines, and indeed it is difficult to categorize most locations found in the subnet as belonging to one submachine or another, since it is impossible to draw distances between most locations. However, certain locations can be assumed to be in close proximity to each other in order to form a loose set of groups that could count as submachines themselves.

The CoreEdit

Winter Palace

The Core is technically a region that encompasses a group of submachines, but it also can be classified as a submachine itself that includes border locations like the Winter Palace and the South Garden. The Core is the edge of the region of the subnet that the Plan effectively occupies.

The Core is full with dimensional energy that makes possible the connection with different layers, and humans used that energy to create "antistructures", where beams of dimensional energy (aka karma) replaces the typical structure supports.

The karma portals created by Murtaugh have almost completely shattered the entire structure of the Core and only certains bits remain "floating" in the void.

The RootEdit

The Root is the first human made Submachine, built inside the Core.

It consists of separated locations connected via a transport system, which works by placing cipher plates in the transporter and pressing the button on the middle of the basic device.

The Root submachine acted as a base from where the submachines that spawned in the original expansion process copied data and assets. Therefore the Root has more ties to other locations both in the Core and in the Outer Rim.


Basement sub1

The Basement submachine is the first Submachine ever seen in the whole series, but not much is known about it. It is likely that it's purpose in the Subnet is to transport energy and useful liquids to different Submachines. Part of this process is seen from studying the activities of gem energy pipes.

The basement submachine was built from scratch by the subnet as is shown in the new basement location.

The LabEdit

Lab table

It's unknown if the Lab complex is actually part of the Submachine, if the Subnet absorbed it, or is even an actual Submachine, since it was built at a time when the subnet recognized humans as a threat. The lab is still, however, connected to locations in the subnet with portals, so it appears to be located inside the subnet.

The Lab is the origin of the human infestation and the subnet recognizes it as the hive of all evil.

The EdgeEdit

Area 4

The Edge Submachine is the Edge of the Core and acts as a boundary between the Core and the Outer Rim. Its purpose is to control the human infestation with its defense systems consisting of series of different protocols like recognition patterns or turrets. The Edge Submachine contains its own binarya coded system and consist of gates, switches, connections, etc.

The Edge contains series of cubic rooms created from scratch by the Subnet with small differences between them; however there are different cube models and they have different purposes in the Edge. The cubes are often in constant movement, switching places among themselves.

Loop (dimension)Edit

Loop room

The Loop is a timeless, spaceless "anti-submachine" created by the subnet itself from scratch, possibly as a result of the distortion of spacetime from the result of unrefined karma portals.

The Loop is described to be in a dimension of its own and consists on a series of similar repeating rooms displayed in XY axises. The Loop has no beginning nor end and consists on series of unlimited levels containing different puzzles that once one is solved, it opens a passage machine located in the origin of the Loop (0;0) and connects the current level with a different other one.


The knot is a special submachine located in the Core where the Plan is best seen; all the layers remain unharmed and perfectly fit together with each other. The Knot consists of such locations as the garden, the pyramid, and the temple. It also shares close ties with a region called Sector 9, where Submachine 8: The Plan takes place. Sector 9 is believed to be one part of the subnet that is still mappable.

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