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Submachine 10: The Exit

The Exit

Release date
September 2015 (projected)[1]

Submachine 10: The Exit will be the tenth and final installment of the main storyline of the Submachine series.


The game originally went under the title Submachine X or SubX; however, the name was revealed to be Submachine 10: The Exit in 2012[2].

In his wrap-up of 2013 post, Skutnik stated that work for Submachine 10 might begin in 2014, but he was doubtful whether it would be finished before 2015[3].

When Submachine 2: The Lighthouse HD was released on August 8th, 2014, Skutnik stated in a Facebook comment that Submachine 10 is scheduled to come out in September 2015[1].

In his wrap-up of 2015 post, Skutnik restated the game would come out in 2015 and also added the promise of showing teasers, sketches, and screenshots continuously after work was started[4].

Skutnik posted the game's progress bar on his current work page on 23 March 2015, signaling his completion of Rewolucje 9 and his start on building Submachine 10.

In March 26th Mateusz asked to his fans if he would rather show teasers or not. The decition concluded that Mateusz is not going to show teasers of the game.

Progress BarEdit




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