Walkthrough Edit

If a directive is italic, follow it only if you took the notepad.

  1. Start the game,
    • Tap on every valves.
  2. Access the portal.
    1. Take the notepad (optional but very useful).
    2. Open the hatch.
      1. Click on the side levers.
      2. Click on the middle levers.
    3. Click on the computer's power button and click every panel to gain information.
    4. Click on the door button.
    5. Open the hatch.
      1. Click on the side levers.
      2. Click on the middle levers.
  3. Get cipher plates
    1. Get cipher plate 1.
      1. Teleport to 552.
      2. Reboot the power.
        1. Remove the latches on both side of the electric plug.
        2. Click on the plaque with the lightning on it.
        3. Unplug the electric plug and plug it on the wall.
      3. Get cipher plate key.
        1. Get the wrench on the chair.
        2. Unbolt the bolts.
        3. Take the key.
      4. Unlock cipher plate case by using the key on it.
    2. Get cipher plate 2.
      1. Go back to the box with the button and two slots in the top.
      2. Put cipher plate 1 in the right slot and hit the button to teleport to 0,1. (0=empty, 1=Cipher plate 1, 2=Cipher plate 2)
      3. Take the cipher plate on the chair.
  4. Get the wisdom gems.
    • Wisdom gem 1
      1. Get the metal box.
        1. Teleport to 1,2.
        2. Orientate the dials.
          • Valve 1, rusty part in upper right.
          • Valve 2, rusty part in lower right.
          • Valve 3, rusty part in upper left.
        3. Take the metal box.
      2. Dissolve it.
        1. Teleport to 1,0.
        2. Look in the bath and drop the metal box in it.
        3. Open the valve with the wrench.
        4. Look in the bath and take the wisdom gem 1.
    • Wisdom gem 2
      1. Break the brick wall
        1. Teleport to 2,0.
        2. Open the pipes.
        3. Go inside and click the top button. The indicator should point right.
        4. Teleport to 0,2 and turn the valve.
      2. Teleport to 2,0 and take the wisdom gem 2.
    • Wisdom gem 3
      1. Charge the coil.
        1. Find the empty coil.
        2. Charge it in 0,1.
      2. Note the runes.
        1. Put the coil in the energy receiver at 1,0.
        2. Teleport to 0,2 and run by the runes.
        3. Note the runes manually at 0,2.
      3. Find the gem.
        1. Take the lead casting in the tunnel.
        2. Teleport to 2,1.
        3. Go pass the grid.
          • Click on both button so the right lights are white.
          • To return, click on both button so the left lights are white instead.
        4. Light the area.
          1. Take the light bulb at 1,2.
          2. Put the light bulb in the socket.
        5. Take the gem.
          1. Input the runes.
          2. Put the lead casting in the top hole and take it back.
          3. Do the same for the middle hole and the lower hole.
          4. Take the wisdom gem 3.
  5. Exit.
    1. Teleport to 747.
    2. Put the wisdom gems in the sockets.
    3. Close the door and click the lever on the control panel.

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