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Release date
December 16th 2010

Submachine 7: The Core (or Sub7) is the seventh installment of the main Submachine series.


“Well what is our purpose of going to the core.”
“we follow murtaugh”
— Gemini and Mateusz Skutnik on Pastel Forum

The game starts in the sanctuary in the wake of Murtaugh's invasion of the Core. The player soon sees a portal door to the Winter Palace, which was built by Sir Henry o'Toole, the maker of the lighthouse. The garden of the palace strangely resembles the structure of the subnet.

The player gets his/her first chance to use a karma portal in this game. The player spends a fair amount of the game exploring the South Garden by using the karma portals. After using an escape pod to find the lab of Liz, the player finds out that she has been attacked by Murtaugh and fled. The only way to escape is via a big green karma portal. The ending of the game shows the player being transported to somewhere layer 5.

List of locations


First screenshots

“OO What does it emiss?”
“deathrays? beats me.”
— Kian Mayne and Mateusz Skutnik, on Facebook

The following are screenshots of Submachine 7 machinery. The author stated he greyed out the background because it would have been too "revealing". He also said that the surroundings wouldn't be like the Submachine 6 rooms.

They were posted in Mateusz Skutnik's Facebook account on the third and fourth of November 2010. Mateusz stated that the machinery of the first picture "shines left" and that the switches are "not relevant".

The third picture was added on November 27th. Mateusz did not give any hints to what it may be other than saying he had drawn it that same day and decided to share it with everyone. In Pastel Forum the picture was thought to be poorly shaded, and many saw something in the black background.

The fourth picture was added on December 4th. Mateusz said it might have been an emission type machine of some sort via his Facebook. No other hints were given. In Pastel Forum the piece of machinery was quickly joked to be a cooking device for the Subnet, in fact Mateusz himself joked it to contain popcorn. Also, he stated that he would not release any more pictures due to the cooking device joke. However, this was only kept for 7 days.

The fifth picture was added on December 11th. It was the first full length screenshot of Submachine 7. Around this time Mateusz stated on Facebook that "the time is nearing" which could have meant that the release of Submachine 7 was very close.

The sixth picture was added on December 14th. It was the second full length screenshot of Submachine 7. Again Mateusz Skutnik stated that release was near with "the best is approaching".

The seventh picture was added December 15th. The caption written by Mateusz had been assumed to mean that the release was December 16th. The image is from the title screen of Submachine 7. It was thought to be an item or object we use throughout the game (this was later confirmed to be the device in the "Calling the Capsule" Puzzle).

On the first of December 2010 Mateusz Skutnik announced that a mere fifty rooms would not be enough for this game, as he had promised himself and the fan base on earlier occasions.

When questioned he stated that he hadn't changed the old room limit, but the story just grew bigger than that. He had also stated that all of his plot ideas for the game couldn't possibly fit in and hinted that some of them will end up in Submachine 8 and Submachine Universe.


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