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This walkthrough is tentative and is planning to be updated after the HD version is released; as a result this entire page may be voided and redone.

Suggested update: See format of Sub2 walkthrough or Sub4 walkthroug

000 - (000 - Computer List) Lab facility number 493 Edit


The notebook

  • Get notebook
  • Get out of bed, pick up the notebook on the floor. With it, you can create in-game notes. Use it to write down coordinates and codes.
  • Turn on computer
  • Go left, click the switch and enter the bathroom.Go down and turn on all switches (the lefmost one controls the computer, the middle one the portal and the rightmost one the ambient lights).
  • Go up. (You can go right, and pick up the soap. It is not necessary to complete the game, so far).
  • Leave the bathroom. Go down. Click the button on the computer.
  • Get codes
  • Click the computer screen.
  • Make note of the several codes. We'll start by going to those rooms and exploring them before moving on to the clues within.
  • New Codes: 051; 076; 541; 551; 628; 642
  • Go right. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

051 - (000 - Computer List) Ouroboros tunnel Edit

  • Reading theories and sightseeing
  • Go right. Click on theory.
  • Go left twice. Click on each of the lenses on the machine by the gate.
  • Make note of the lock mechanism. We will return to it (there is a karma portal (mlp) which leads to a room with statues of horses, unicorns and Pegasus.).
  • Get codes
  • Go left.
  • On the wall, you'll see two columns of roman numerals. Hover your cursor over them reveals the order of the numbers (top - middle - bottom).
  • Make note of the codes.
  • New Codes: 523; 917
  • Go right twice. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

076 - (000 - Computer List) Road room Edit

  • Reading theories and sightseeing
  • Go down. You can zoom in on the picture.
  • Go left. Read the theory.
  • Make note of the numbers at the bottom of the theory (1>8).
  • Hover your curse on the plate on the wall. Make note of the code.
  • Go right twice. Read the theory and make note of the number at the bottom (2>7).
  • Go left. Go down. Read the theory and once again make note of the numbers at the bottom (3>5).
  • You can turn on the projector.
  • Get codes
  • One new code is given by the plate on the wall.
  • The other is obtained from the theories, which give the digits and their order.
  • New Codes: 304; 875
  • Go up twice. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

541 - (000- Computer List) Observation center Edit

  • Sightseeing
  • Hover your cursor over the plate under the chair. Make note of the code.
  • Go right. Click on each of the monitors to get a close-up view. The buttons turn the monitor on and off.
  • On the lower left monitor, take not on the code found near the lower right corner.
  • Get codes
  • One new code is found on the plate, the other is found on the lower left monitor.
  • New Codes: 218; 757
  • Go right. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

551 - (000 - 462) Brick room Edit

  • Reading theories and sightseeing
  • Go right.
  • Hover your cursor over the plate under the pipe and take note: "THIS - 89".
  • Click the paper coming out of the transmitter and read the document.
  • Take note of the code at the bottom of the document.
  • Get codes
  • One new code can be found from the clue on the plate: "THIS - 89". Since the coordinates of this location are 551, we have: 551 - 89 = 462.
  • The other is in the theory.
  • New Codes: 462; 747
  • Go right. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

628 - (000 - Computer List) Study Edit

Valve subverse

The valve

Reading theories and sightseeing

  • Go left. Click the frame in the middle. Read the theory.
  • Hover your cursor over the plate at the left of the table. Take note of the clue: "THIS - 229".
  • Go left. Pick up the valve on the dharma wheel, on top of the table.
  • Take note of the oval light and the corresponding digit. Second oval light - 7.
  • Go right thrice. Click the red button. This transports you to an alternative version of this room.
  • Go right. Hover your cursor on the panel on the dharma wheel and read it. Take note of the code.
628 wheel of dharma

The valve location

  • Get codes
  • The first new code can be obtained from the panel "THIS - 229". Given that the coordiante of this location is 628, we have 628 - 229 = 399.
  • The other code was in the panel on the dharma wheel.
  • New Codes: 399; 245
  • Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.
  • Note: The red portal works the same as any other. If you leave this location by this portal, you'll return to the "red version" of this location. To return to the "orginal version", go left, click the button, go left and use that portal.

642 - (000 - Computer List) Clockwork room Edit

  • Sightseeing
  • Go left.
  • Go right thrice. Take note of the letter "C" on the lower left corner.
  • Get code
  • The letter "C" is the roman numeral for the number 100.
  • New Code: 100
  • We have now exhausted all the coordinates given in the computer. Now, we begin using the "second generation" coordinates that we found on this location and the previous ones.
  • Go left twice. Insert the coordiantes on the portal and click the button.

523 - (051 - The left hand side of the symbol) Twins room Edit


Here's a first for the Subnet; an inventory based puzzle! It's not particularly tricky, though. The code in this location can be found in room to the right of the portal, in the scratches on the wall. Later on, when you will have collected a weighted stone, you could go back and put it on the rod to... well that is a secret!

New Code: 277

917 - (051 - The right hand side of the sybmol) Looping sphere Edit


This loop is somewhat more confusing than most of the others you'll encounter. In order to power up the screen and read the theory in this room, you'll have to work with wisdom gems, either by removing the one powering the portal and using it to boot up the monitor or (recommended) stealing another from another location in the Subnet and using it here. Either way, if you don't read the theory, you won't spot the clue to a new coordinate at the bottom of it (SmartGuy5000 - 4989).

New Code: 011

304 - (076 - Panel in left room) Lighthouse basement Edit

If you poke around in the path up the ladder, you will find that FI = 342. This is otherwise a dead-end.

875 - (076 - Found at the bottom of the theories) Prison cells Edit


This odd room initially appears to contain only a single theory document, but if you look closer you can find two codes, both in tally scratches on the wall. One is in the second room, top-right. The next is in the third room, bottom-left.

New Codes: 232; 580

218 - (541 - Panel behind chair) Church Edit


You'll find a few familiar relics in this room, despite it being all-new. There's only one simple thing to find: another panel.

New Code: 006

757 - (541 - Visible in monitor) Turret trap Edit


You can find a theory here on the left, along with a code above the door to the right.

New Code: 185

462 - (551 - Result of equation "THIS - 89") Lighthouse digouts Edit


Understandably, there is not much to be found here, but a panel seems to have kept a steady grip. Unfortunately, it only points back to the 551 again. Thankfully, a new code can be found on the left, if you hover over the block in the background. It does not seem to be otherwise readable. Also, there is a karma portal (fma) above the stand with the cubes scattered around. It leads to a room with a energy bridge and a theory.

New Code: 104

747 - (551 - Theory) Corridor Edit


The code is tricky here. It can be found by mousing over the arrows just to the

Crimson key

The crimson key

right of the teleporter, in letter form (where A=1, B=2, etc). In the right most room there is a crimson key you can use to unlock the left most door. There is nothing there, just an infinite loop.

New Codes: 452; 728

399 - (628 - Derived from the equation "THIS - 229") Stalagmite room Edit


There is a computer here with a "Report" that nevertheless is followed by "1111 - this". There is also a video of a sewing machine to the far left.

New Code: 712

245 - (628 - On the dharma wheel in the red layer) Cake loop Edit

This loop contains a photo and a theory if you head right, and another theory if you head left. There are no clues to be found.

100 - (642 - Meaning of "C") Sub-bot research room Edit

Read the monitor on the left for more, with schematics on the right. You can also find a panel on the right reading "THIS + FI".

277 - (523 - Scratches on the wall) Radio lab Edit


This is a very impressive location (I do recommend looking out of the windows) and, although it doesn't clue to anywhere new (the theory notes two locations that are accessible through other means) grab that key.

Laboratory key

The Laboratory key

New Codes : 472; 837.

011 - (917 - "Smartguy-4989" at the bottom of the theory) Clockwork corridor Edit


The room on the right at the end of the corridor contains the only two proper clues.

New Codes: 128; 317

232 - (875 - Tally, room 2) Kent Falls room Edit


This room contains a karma portal and a picture of a sign saying "KENT FALLS". If you click the nearly empty sheet of paper rather than the theory papers, you get a new code, as well. If you go up, you'll see a symbol, mouse over it to get a new code. The karma portal (zwo) is in the right most room and leads to a location with a huge tree trunk.

New Code: 550; 731

580 - (875 - Tally, room 3) End ruins Edit


This room contains a viewing device that displays a sped-up version of the video from the end of The Lighthouse. After a very long wait, a code shows up on the screen. If you look carefully, you can find some scratchings near the cave-in to the left that say "THIS + TI".

New Code: 411

006 - (218 - Panel, 100 - Monitor) Stone loop Edit


This room loops very oddly, which is understandable once you read the theory included within about the Subnet being a 4th dimensional space. You can also find a panel with a new code on it. On the room with the knives drawn, you can see a hole in the wall. I recommend you don't use the valve you found on it yet.

New Code: 404

185 - (757 - Above door) Paired gem room Edit

This room contains a theory about wisdom gems, and features a panel barely visible behind a number of cans of compressed gas. The panel reads "TI = 322". You can take the wisdom gems for your inventory.

104 - (462 - Mouse over glyph) Ancient section Edit


This room includs a bell with the number II on it and a panel far to the top-right of one of the screens. In the room with a statue of a dog, there is a karma portal (chm) that leads to a romm filled with sand and a theory. To the right of the statue, there are more rooms with another karma portal (ott) which leads to a room where you can hear some sound advice.

New Codes: 800; 002

452 - (747 - Right arrows) Statue Edit


The ending of 4, now with a panel stuck to the statue reading "DCCLXX".

New Code: 770

728 - (747 - Left arrows) Lucky room Edit


Here you can find updated versions of the pictures from the original bonus, along with new and old info. The old is a collection of 2 notes about Einstein, the cat, and the second is a code, EEB. Going with the A=1/B=2 code that makes 552.

New Code: 552

712 - (399 - Theory doc) Watch station Edit


This room has a radio but the clue is actually at the periscopes to the left, where you can find one number in the bottom-left corner of each scope.

New Code: 258

128 - (011 - Add up the numbers on the panel) Subnet editing center Edit


The only clue in here can be found on the panels surrounding the main monitor displaying this location's theory. You can enter the karma portal to sbl.

New Code: 987

317 - (011 - Photo, 411 - Panel) Mover room Edit


The codes here are all in the string of photos found at the bottom of the ladder.

New Codes: 806; 461

550 - (232 - Empty sheet) Lighthouse dungeon Edit


A lot of familiar sights here, but in the rubble to the left, you can also find a tab that says "THIS + 122".

New Code: 672

731 - (232 - Symbol on the wall, also in "Escape from Jay is Games" another game by the author) Escape from Jay Is Games room Edit

This room is a reference to another game of Mateusz Skutnik, and there are two karma portals to find, but no codes. One portal is behind the vault on the second room to the right of the portal. Use a valve to open it. The portal (lcr) leads to a pyramidal room with a short text by H. P. Lovecraft and a locked box. To unlock it, you need a key. When you get it, unlock the box and take the shutter switch inside. Then, leave the portal, go to the right and place the switch on the hole on the top left. Click it and you'll unlock the second karma portal. The second portal (awy) leads to a room with neat pictures.

411 - (580 - Very long wait after video) Escher room Edit


This room has a karma portal, two panels (one of them clues to 317 again) and one theory, if you poke around the weird structure enough (when you climb the ladder that actually goes "up", you can go left from there). There is a karma portal (btn) next to the panel that clues to room 553 and leads to a room full of broken ladders, a theory and a clue to room 888 (in the right most room in the karma portal, on the wall).

New Code: 553; 888

404 - (006 - Panel in bottom left corner of one of the rooms) Error room Edit


This room contains several bells, along with a theory regarding them. You'll also notice a broken bell. Take that as one code - X being "10". Above the stand there is a karma portal (rcr) that leads to some kind of watch tower.

New Code: 010

800 - (104 - Panel) Ship Edit

New information can be found in the ladder's former pipe, reading "WX=23 / WY=688".

002 - (104 - Bell platform) Rusty pit Edit

This simple room contains a panel that reads "THIS + WY". What a boring room!

770 - (452 - Panel) Tomb trap Edit


The Tomb Trap hasn't changed at all from 4, which is to say, it still contains the code in the shapes on the wall.

New Code: 043

552 - (728 - Letter panel) Root base Edit

The Root base has changed considerably, but the code you want is on a panel near the front, which reads "THIS - WX". At the end of the stairs on the right most room, there is a karma portal (kar) which leads to one of the sewers from 8.

258 - (712 - Periscopes (bottom-left)) Nazca room Edit


A theory, a karma portal along with another code can be found here. You can also watch the video of a sewing machine. The code is out of the way, go left twice and find the small hole in the ground, then check the inscription aside the carving. To go to the karma portal (v12), go left (from the portal) and then up. The portal leeds to a room with lots of pipes, wires and a theory to the far left.

New Code: 947

987 - (128 - Follow the directions on the screens) Broken clock room Edit

The clue here is "Protocol Accordant Retreat = THIS - QI".

806 - (317 - Photo third from bottom) Cliffs Edit

The cliff from 6, except the transporter is working and there is a karma portal. The last of the green lights can be found here, this one (the right) being 6. The karma portal (cat) is in the left most room (where the cliff ends) and leads to a location filled with dried resin and a theory.

461 - (317 - Photo at bottom) Sewers Edit

If you can find Liz 's chamber, you'll find another set of oval lights, this one with the last number 8. You can also find the first green number 9 in a random tube. In the left most upper tube you can find a karma portal (brk) which leads to a location with an interesting computer message.

672 - (550 - Result of equation "THIS + 122") New basement Edit


There is a panel here ("1227 - THIS"), along with the last brown light (7).

New Code: 555

553 - (441 - Panel) Root extension Edit


There's a theory upstairs, a panel that reads "THIS + 439" and the first brown light number, 8.

New Code: 992

888 - (441 - Wall in the Karma portal) Cube loop Edit

Nothing to find, just another loop room, but you can read a theory.

010 - (404 - Meaning of the "X" platform) Tri-gem room Edit

Move the can nearby to uncover the middle green number 6. You'll also discover a theory and a weight stone on the right. You can pick up the wisdom gems.

043 - (770 - Shapes on wall) Second tomb Edit

A bell is here, not that there's any sign what these new bells do, if anything, and the a blue light: a leading 5. Above the glowing hemisphere there is a karma portal (ixt) which leads to a room filled with sand and with a theory.

947 - (258 - Alongside lower-floor carving) Gem harvester Edit


If you poke around here enough, you'll eventually find a repair bot's report on the damage. It includes a new code, and another on a panel. Once more, you can take the wisdom gem.

New Codes: 923; 777

555 - (672 - Panel) Violet loop Edit

It features a "theory", but look carefully. The signee is a familiar name you may recognize from previous s.

992 - (553 - Derived from equation "THIS + 439") Excavation site Edit

Lots to see here, not much to find, except a panel that says "KI = DI - GI".

923 - (947 - Report) Solitary confinement Edit

If you poke around this FLF environment enough, you'll find the first oval light: 3, and will discover you can only get back to the teleporter if you head left, not right.

777 - (947 - Panel) Barracks Edit

If you head right, you'll find a panel informing you that "RI = CCCLII" or 352. There is also a photo with some scratched lettering on it.

442 - (Equation "THIS + FI (342)") Pit Edit


This room has a new code, but it is very hard to see at first. Climb all the way up the ladder, then look closely at the artifact for roman numerals, especialy with your mouse in hopes of finding mouse-overs. It's near the bottom of the screen, on the side facing the rope, but near the edge. There is also a karma portal (wrt) half way up that leads to a room filled with metal spikes with a theory.

New Code: 103

103 - (442 - Hidden on the artifact) Ancient ruins Edit


If you look closely on the catwalk near the teleporter, you'll see that DI = XXXIV (DI=34). There is a karma portal (kol) on the left most room (top left corner of the screen) that leads to a temple room with a theory and a panel wirh a new code.

New Code: 614

614 - (103 - Panel in karma portal) Right chasm Edit

There is not much to find here, just a theory and a karma portal (glx). The karma portal leads to some kind of abandoned observatory.

902 - (Equation "THIS + TI (322)") Vista Edit


You will find another viewer here, similar to one of the previous rooms. It shows a video after a few seconds of static, somewhat recapping 1. After another pause, you'll get a new code.

New Code: 241

241 - (902 - End of video) Searchlight room Edit

A theory can be found here, along with a new panel hidden on the side of the searchlight that indicates "NI - THIS". You can't pick up more wisdom gems here because they power the portal.

690 - (Equation "THIS + WY (688)") Looping traps Edit


This room from 4 contains the third blue light, reading 6, and a theory.

529 - (Equation "THIS - WX (23)") Basement section Edit


This room from 4 has the second number of the blue lights, a 9.

378 - (Oval lights (923; 628; 461)) Ziggurat Edit

If you poke around the dark patches at the bottom of this impressive structure, you'll find another theory and another panel, this one detailing that "B1 = 5 / B2 = 7". There are two karma portals. The first portal (hpl) is found on the bottom left of the ziggurat and leads to a room with a photo display device and stand. Inside this sub-location is another karma portal (oxt) in the left most room, which leads to a small floating island. In the bottom right of the ziggurat you'll find a pyramid key you can use to unlock the second karma portal in 731.

966 - (Green Lights (461; 010; 806)) Altar Edit

This room contains a panel ("NI = 842") and another that says "A1 = 8 / A2 = 4". On the head of the statue, there is a karma portal (wiq) that leads to a location based on several s. You can read two theories. On the defense network section, you can also pick up chalk.

The blue lights, like the ones before, combine to form a new code: 596; from 043, 529 and 690, respectively.

596 - (Blue Lights ) Annex Edit


This room contains a theory, the old exit switch (inoperable) and a new code in place of where it originally wrote its own.

New Code: 001

001 - (596 - On wall) Research baseEdit


This room hasn't changed, down to the bell to the left that opens the gate. With the key found in 277, you can open the door. Here you will find a device linked up to an unpowered screen; to proceed, you'll have to power up that monitor with one wisdom gem. If you click the table, you'll be able to go upstairs to a karma portal (jul), which leads to a room with the code 192. There is a metallic lid to the far right room. Remove it and go down the pipe. There is another karma portal (chr) that leads to a room covered with snow. There it can be collect a valve and be seen a panel "316".

New Codes: 613; 192; 316;

Now you can go back to 731 to enter the karma portal locations.

613 - (001 - In the monitor using a wisdom gem) Left chasmEdit


The clue here is at the very, very bottom of the ladder.

New Code: 157

192 - (001 - In the karma portal upstairs) Stone roomEdit

Interesting room, but not much to find here. To unlock the room to the right, go to room 006 and use the valve on the wall with the "M E A L" sign. When the room is unlocked, it shows a karma portal (ptl) which leads to a portal-themed room.

316 - (001 - On a panel in the karma portal down the pipe) Winter roomEdit


This room only contains three periscopes which you can use to see wintry pictures.

Code: 157 - (613 - Found on the note at the bottom of the ladder)

There is a panel here like the ones scattered elsewhere in the Subnet, blending in against the wall "QI = THIS + 475".

By combining NI (842) from 966 and the equation from 241, you get NI - 241 = 601.

601 - (Equation "NI - THIS") Zero depthsEdit

There's a new brown light here, the second number, 3. Beyond that, the only things in here are a theory and a video of a sewing machine.

The brown lights form a code: 837, from the number lights at 553, 601 and 672, respectively.

837 - (Brown Lights) UVB-76 room Edit

Behind a barrel in the rightmost room is a panel that reads "C1=9/C2=2". This room is playing a number of apparently real radio stations".

If you take the A1 = X / A2 = Y codes and put them together, such that your numbers are formed from A1-B1-C1 and A2-B2-C2, you get two new codes: 859 and 472.

859 - (A1-B1-C1) Collector's room Edit

There are a lot of things in this room, including a book that contains all the messages displayed in the series, even the hidden ones from 6. You can also find a panel that reads "GI = XCV" (95).

472 - (A2-B2-C2) Listeners roomEdit

This room features a panel that explains that says "RI + KI". It also has a radio.

The clue "QI = THIS + 475" in 157 gives the value of QI, which can then be used with the hint in 987 to becomes 987-632=355 to produce the coordinate 355.

355 - (Equation "THIS - QI") Murtaugh's communication room Edit


In the room with the keyboard there is a note with a clue. The key to room 051 is here also.

New code: 291
The code in 472 tells us RI + KI. We know from room 777 that RI is 352, and from room 992 that KI is DI - GI. DI is found at room 103 and is equal to 34, while GI is found in room 859 as 95. 34-95 = -61. 352 + (-61) = 291.

291 - (Equation "RI + KI", 355 - Note next to the computer) SanctuaryEdit

Head to the left. There is a letter on the ground. Read it. To the right there is a karma portal (mnt) that leads to a mountain.

There are three other rooms not connected to the others, either forwards or backwards. These are the three easter eggs room. They are guessable locations.

Clue MapsEdit

A collection of clue maps generated by Wikia and Pastel Forum members through different subnet updates.

Clue map v2.2

Clue map v2.4

Clue map v4.0.0

Clue map v4.5.0


A user found a slightly more rapid version of the intelligence route(By mistake) and decided to share it with the community. 000->541->218->006->[404->RCR(karma)]->291 In the watchtower there are several sketches of submachine rooms, all labeled with co-ords, including sanctuary. whether this is intended or not is irrelevant, it is still interesting. Can someone please make this more cohesive/relevant(and fact check me, because you can't just trust some guy on the web).

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