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Welcome to the Submachine Wiki, featuring over 464 articles since 2008!
This is the wiki about the flash games series, Submachine, that anyone can edit, in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and Norwegian!


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15/12/2014: Submachine: FLF Redux in HD is available.

17/11/2014: Submachine: 32 Chambers in HD is available

20/10/2014: Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure in HD is available

27/09/2014: Submachine 1: The Basement in HD is available

27/08/2014: Submachine 2: The Lighthouse in HD is available

21/07/2014: Submachine 3: The Loop in HD is available.

17/06/2014: Submachine 4: The Lab in HD is available.

14/03/2014: Submachine 9: The Temple has been released, both online and HD! Go play it here.

15/01/2014: Submachine 5: The Root in HD is available.

10/10/2013: A Norwegian version‎ of the wiki has been created. Now we have 8 languages!

16/05/2013: Submachine 6: The Edge in HD is available.

11/12/2012: Submachine 7: The Core in HD is available.

03/12/2012: Due to issues with spam the PastelForum has moved into For now the previous forum will remain open for information gathering purposes.

15/11/2012: A Dutch version‎ of this wiki has been created. Now we have 7 languages!

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Submachine 9: The Temple

Submachine 9: the Temple is the ninth game in the Submachine series. It was released on March 14, 2014. The name was announced on September 28, 2012, at the end of Submachine 8: The Plan. Work on the game...

(see entire article)

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