This page displays the results of previous polls located in the Main Page.


What is your favorite game in the Submachine series?Edit

Sub1: 0 votes

Sub2: 0 votes

Sub3: 1 vote

Sub4: 9 votes

Sub5: 2 votes

Sub0: 0 votes

SubFLF: 0 votes

Total: 12 votes


What do you hope (if anything) will be different in Sub6?Edit

More emphasis on puzzles: 1 vote

We'll learn more about the submachine: 13 votes

The game itself will be longer: 5 votes

The environments/backgrounds will be more varied: 0 votes

Other: 1 vote

Nothing, Mateusz is already doing a great job: 2 votes

Total: 22 votes


How many of the submachine games were you able to solve without any help (including walkthroughs)?Edit

None...: 6 votes

One or two - a couple: 13 votes

Three or four - about half: 3 votes

Five or six - most of them: 0 votes

All of them!: 3 votes

Total: 25 votes


Which of the following sections of the subnet has your favorite ambient?Edit

The Lab: 0 votes

The Lighthouse: 13 votes

The Ancient Section: 1 vote

The Lucky Room: 12 votes

The Basement: 0 votes

The Corridor: 6 votes

Total: 32 votes


Which is your favorite aspect of the submachine series?Edit

The graphics: 0 votes

The ambient/atmosphere: 3 votes

The plot/theories: 6 votes

The puzzles: 5 votes

All of them: 32 votes

Total: 46 votes


Would you prefer if the submachine games were longer, or came out more often?Edit

Longer: 24 votes

More frequent: 12 votes

Total: 36 votes


Are you more looking forward to the release of Submachine 6, or the launch of the Subnet Exploration Project (SEP)?Edit

Submachine 6!: 56 votes

The SEP!: 4 votes

I can't decide...: 9 votes

Total: 69 votes


What genre do you think best describes the Submachine series?Edit

Point-and-click: 39 votes

Room escape: 2 votes

Adventure: 18 votes

Puzzle: 0 votes

Total: 59 votes


Who do you think is the antagonist in the Submachine series?Edit

The submachine: 42 votes

Murtaugh: 45 votes

Some other character: 10 votes

Total: 97 votes


What was your reaction to Submachine 6?Edit

It was the best game ever!: 14 votes

Very good, like the rest of the series: 118 votes

A decent game, maybe a bit disappointing: 17 votes

I didn't like it: 1 vote

Total: 150 votes


Which of the following characters in the series would you most like to meet (in Sub7, or later)?Edit

Murtaugh: 25 votes

Liz: 6 votes

Einstein: 12 votes

The creator of the Root: 7 votes

Total: 50 votes


The Sub2 sketch certainly had flaws, but what do you think its greatest strength was?Edit

The intro: 3 votes

The layout: 0 votes

The atmosphere/graphics: 19 votes

The game-play: 0 votes

None of the above... it didn't have any strengths: 1 vote

Total: 23 votes


Which of the following was your favorite section of Sub6?Edit

The Tunnels: 2 votes

The Chronon/The Egyptian Area: 7 votes

The Defense System: 28 votes

The Secret Locations: 3 votes

Another area: 0 votes

Total: 40 votes


How much of Sub6 were you able to finish without hints or a walkthrough?Edit

Almost nothing: 7 votes

I reached the elevator - 1/3 of the way: 7 votes

I called the maintenance cart - 2/3 of the way: 6 votes

I finished it, but couldn't find all of the secret locations: 22 votes

I completed the entire game, including secrets: 2 votes

Total: 44 votes


Do you want to have to destroy the subnet in future installments of the series?Edit

Yes: 9 votes

No: 17 votes

Total: 26 votes


What do you think/hope the SEP will be like?Edit

Exploring areas you've already been to in previous games: 5 votes

Exploring completely new areas you've never seen before: 16 votes

Staying in the lab and solving puzzles: 1 vote

A narrative of the first explorations of the subnet: 4 votes

Total: 26 votes


Have you yourself made any theories about the submachine?Edit

No, I haven't: 19 votes

Yes, but only one: 6 votes

Yes, multiple theories: 8 votes

Total: 33 votes


If the submachine were a real place, would you want to explore it?Edit

Yeah!: 24 votes

Maybe... but only in areas that had already been explored, so I wouldn't get lost: 11 votes

No, not really: 1 vote

Total: 36 votes


Where do you think Liz is?Edit

At the lab: 7 votes

At the core: 21 votes

Outside the subnet: 7 votes

Probably dead: 8 votes

Total: 43 votes


Do you think Mur will destroy the subnet?Edit

Yes, he will: 14 votes

He'll try, but we'll stop him: 8 votes

No, because we'll destroy it first: 8 votes

No, the subnet will remain: 5 votes

Total: 35 votes


When did you find out about the submachine series?Edit

2005; the year it started: 4 votes

2006; when Sub2 and Sub3 came out: 9 votes

2007; the release of Sub4: 11 votes

2008; the release of Sub5: 10 votes

2009; last year, when Sub6 came out: 9 votes

2010; just now!: 2 votes

Total: 45 votes


Whom do you think we should help/assist in Sub7?Edit

Mur, even though he betrayed us: 9 votes

The subnet, to save it from Mur: 9 votes

Liz, even though we don't know where she is: 33 votes

Total: 51 votes


Would you prefer it if future installments of the series had more than one possible ending?Edit

Yes, it would be more interesting: 9 votes

No, the Submachine series is better with only one path to take: 13 votes

Maybe... as long as the paths came back together eventually: 18 votes

Total: 40 votes


Do you think the submachine series is too difficult to complete, too easy, or just right?Edit

Too difficult: 3 votes

Too easy: 5 votes

Just right: 47 votes

Total: 55 votes


What do you think our ultimate objective will be in the series?Edit

Destroying Murtaugh/Saving the Submachine: 24 votes

Leaving the Submachine: 23 votes

Living in peace within the Submachine: 8 votes

Taking Murtaugh's position: 6 votes

Total: 61 votes


Do you want to meet other people in the submachine?Edit

Yes, it would make the game more interesting: 15 votes

Maybe... if only rarely: 7 votes

No, but I'd like to still communicate in other ways with other characters: 47 votes

No, it would ruin the game's atmosphere: 6 votes

Total: 75 votes


What is your favorite game in the submachine series?Edit

Submachine 1: The Basement: 0 votes

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: 3 votes

Submachine 3: The Loop: 1 votes

Submachine 4: The Lab: 21 votes

Submachine 5: The Root: 5 votes

Submachine 6: The Edge: 22 votes

Submachine Zero: 1 votes

Submachine FLF: 1 votes

Total: 54 votes


Do you think the submachine is inherently good, or evil?Edit

Good: 5 votes

Evil: 10 votes

Neither, it's a machine: 26 votes

Neither, but it's being controlled by something else: 9 votes

Total: 50 votes


How did you find out about the submachine series?Edit

It was on a game site: 43 votes

On the internet, but not a game site (such as this wiki): 5 votes

A friend told me about it: 2 votes

I found it in another way: 3 votes

Total: 53 votes


What would you like to see more of in Submachine 7?Edit

Interesting dialogues: 6 votes

Secret locations: 5 votes

Cool new technology: 19 votes

Challenging puzzles: 18 votes

Total: 48 votes


Why do you think Mur wants to invade the Core of the subnet?Edit

To damage the subnet: 8 votes

To take control of the subnet: 22 votes

To get a valuable item: 8 votes

Just because he can: 3 votes

Total: 41 votes


How do you think we got into the submachine?Edit

The submachine trapped us: 21 votes

Mur recruited us to help him: 6 votes

We got there on our own: 12 votes

We were already there... the submachine is the real world: 32 votes

Total: 71 votes


How many submachine games do you think there will be?Edit

Seven: 2 votes

Eight to ten: 51 votes

More than ten: 19 votes

Total: 72 votes


Why did Murtaugh abandon you at the edge?Edit

As a test: 3 votes

He didn't care what happened to you: 34 votes

He needed to keep his plan secret: 11 votes

That message wasn't from Mur: 7 votes

Total: 55 votes


Is this your first time visiting this wiki, or do you check it out often?Edit

It's my first time: 13 votes

I come here frequently: 37 votes

Total: 50 votes


What sort of ending do you think the submachine series will have?Edit

Positive - we escape the submachine, etc.: 19 votes

Negative - we are defeated: 4 votes

Neutral - ambiguous, such as if we escape at great cost, or accept our position: 56 votes

Multiple endings: 33 votes

Total: 112 votes


What did you think of SNEE (the Submachine Network Exploration Experience)?Edit

It was the best not-game ever!: 61 votes

It was good, on par with the rest of the submachine series: 6 votes

It was a little disappointing...: 5 votes

Total: 72 votes


Of the following, what was your favorite location of the submachine series? (Votes are estimated)Edit

The ending location, which shall remain unnamed here: 3 votes

411, the room that's all sideways: 7 votes

628, the room that resembles a clean study with pictures of the Yin-Yang symbol: 6 votes

666, exactly what it sounds like: 6 votes

815, the reference to the TV series "Lost": 9 votes

859, the room with memorabilia from previous installments of the submachine series: 60 votes

Total: 91 votes


What is your favorite part of the submachine series?Edit

Exploring on my own and finding new things: 87 votes

Theorizing about it and discussing it after playing: 24 votes

Solving challenging puzzles: 31 votes

Finishing a game and thinking how awesome the next one will be: 38 votes

Total: 180 votes


How long do you spend on a difficult puzzle (like the ones in the submachine series) before you turn to a walkthrough?Edit

None, I don't get stuck: 9 votes

Less than five minutes, I have no patience!: 24 votes

Ten to twenty minutes... I'll spend some time: 84 votes

Thirty minutes to an hour - I hate giving up: 39 votes

Never!: 10 votes

Total: 166 votes


What is your favorite sort of environment to see in the subnet?Edit

Ancient and decayed - like the Temple, and anything Egyptian: 29 votes

Sterile and machine-like - like much of the Edge, or the Loop: 31 votes

Closer to the real word - like the Lab, or anything that shows human presence: 23 votes

Total: 83 votes


Which of the three Submachine side games are your favorite?Edit

Submachine 0: Ancient Adventure: 6 votes

Submachine: FLF: 8 votes

Submachine: 32 Chambers: 52 votes

Total: 66 votes


What is your favorite "game" in the submachine series?=Edit

Submachine 1: The Basement: 5 votes

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: 10 votes

Submachine 3: The Loop: 3 votes

Submachine 0: Ancient Adventure: 1 votes

Submachine 4: The Lab: 28 votes

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation: 2 votes

Submachine 5: The Root: 5 votes

Submachine 6: The Edge: 18 votes

Submachine Network Exploration Experience: 24 votes

Submachine: 32 Chambers: 3 votes

Total: 99 votes


Have you ever posted on Pastelforum (see link at right)?Edit

Yes, I'm a regular member: 14 votes

Yes, a few times: 10 votes

No, but I've lurked there: 76 votes

No, what's Pastelforum?: 27 votes

Total: 127 votes


Have you seen the Submachine series page on Wikipedia?Edit

Yes, I've seen and edited it!: 14 votes

Yeah, I've seen it, but haven't edited it: 57 votes

No, there's a Submachine page on Wikipedia? AWESOME!: 39 votes

Total: 110 votes


How do you usually explore SNEE?Edit

Random jumping... I hope i get lucky!: 6 votes

Going through all of the coordinates one at a time. All of the coordinates. ALL OF THEM!: 15 votes

Using only logic to find clues and new locations: 47 votes

Going on a site like this wiki to find where all of the locations are: 33 votes

Total: 101 votes


What is your opinion on the new SNEE update?Edit

I LOVED IT!: 60 votes

It was good: 10 votes

I enjoyed it, but it could have had more locations/puzzles/theories: 17 votes

There's a new SNEE update?: 10 votes

Total: 97 votes


Do you think the number 32 will have any real significance in the submachine series?Edit

Yes, I do: 61 votes

Well... maybe: 29 votes

Not other than appearing more times as a bonus: 17 votes

No way: 3 votes

Total: 110 votes


Are the Submachine games your favorite online games?Edit

Yeah!: 84 votes

They're among my favorites: 24 votes

No, but I still like them: 3 votes

No, I don't really care for Submachine: 2 votes

Total: 113 votes


If you have a location in SNEE, do you like it?Edit

I don't have a location in SNEE: 53 votes

I don't much care for my location: 1 vote

I like my location, but I like others in SNEE even better: 1 vote

I love my SNEE location: 7 votes

Total: 62 votes


How many times have you played Sub6?Edit

Um... never...: 1 vote

Once: 3 votes

2-5 times: 45 votes

6-10 times: 22 votes

Way too many to count: 22 votes

Total: 93 votes


What did you think of Sub7?Edit

I didn't like it: 3 votes

I thought it was decent, but not great: 15 votes

It was really fun: 36 votes

It was amazing, as Submachine always is: 160 votes

No, it was even more amazing than Submachine usually is: 59 votes

Total: 273 votes


Did you use a walkthrough or hints for Sub7?Edit

No, why would I?: 9 votes

Only for the secrets: 16 votes

Well... a few hints when I got stuck: 31 votes

Yes, I just got stuck so often!: 14 votes

Total: 70 votes


What was your favorite section of Sub7 (ambient, puzzles, etc.)?Edit

The Sanctuary, where you begin: 18 votes

The South Garden: 22 votes

The Winter Palace and associated laboratory: 35 votes

The Ship, the ending location: 29 votes

Total: 104 votes


What do you believe our course of action should be in Sub8?Edit

To learn more about the subnet to prepare for the showdown in Sub9 or 10: 32 votes

To find Liz and help her against Murtaugh: 60 votes

To join Murtaugh, as Liz is hopeless: 3 votes

To avoid the conflict as best we can and escape the subnet: 6 votes

Total: 101 votes


What do you think Sub1 was in relation to the rest of the submachine series?Edit

A dream, or a game: 28 votes

A memory: 4 votes

Unrelated, like Sub0, FLF, and 32: 0 votes

You were actually there, before Sub2: 35 votes

You were actually there, but the time frame is misleading: 6 votes

Total: 73 votes


What kind of technology would you want to see in Sub8?Edit

Portal doors: 2 votes

Karma portals: 5 votes

Switches and dials: 5 votes

A System-like interface like in Sub6: 5 votes

No tech, like in the ancient section: 2 votes

Something completely new: 57 votes

Total: 76 votes


Do you think Murtaugh has evil intentions?Edit

Yes: 11 votes

No: 5 votes

He is crazy and can't control what he does: 9 votes

He is misguided as to what "evil" and "good" actions are: 34 votes

Total: 59 votes


What is your favorite installment of the submachine series?Edit

Sub1: 4 votes

Sub2: 4 votes

Sub3: 2 votes

Sub4: 8 votes

Sub5: 3 votes

Sub6: 6 votes

Sub7: 56 votes

Sub0: 2 votes

SubFLF: 0 votes

SNEE: 18 votes

Sub32: 1 vote

Total: 104 votes


What do you think of the wiki's new (gray/green) color scheme and logo?Edit

I preferred the original (blue/white): 2 votes

It's fine: 5 votes

I really like the new version: 41 votes

I like parts of the new version, but it should be modified: 6 votes

Total: 54 votes


Do you think we will see or interact with anybody in Submachine 8?Edit

Yes: 12 votes

No: 36 votes

Maybe: 10 votes

Total: 58 votes


Is Submachine your favorite game by Mateusz Skutnik?Edit

Yes: 46 votes

No: 1 vote

I like all his games: 18 votes

Total: 65 votes


What is your opinion on the latest SNEE update?Edit

I like it: 29 votes

It's ok: 6 votes

Meh, it could have been better: 5 votes

I didn't like it: 0 votes

Total: 40 votes


Do you think the names of the karma portal SNEE coordinates are random, or have meaning?Edit

They have meaning: 18 votes

They are random: 6 votes

Some of them have meaning: 6 votes

Total: 30 votes


If you could choose to explore a location in Submachine from the Title locations in real life, which area would it be?Edit

The Basement: 1 votes

The Lighthouse: 1 votes

The Loop: 2 votes

The Lab: 3 votes

The Root: 3 votes

The Edge: 11 votes

The Core: 25 votes

Total: 46 votes


What do you love most about Submachine?Edit

The plot: 29 votes

The ambiance: 2 votes

The design (art): 8 vote

The real world references: 1 vote

The puzzles: 5 votes

Total: 45 votes


What did you think of Submachine when you first played it?Edit

Submachine FTW! 12 votes

Great game: 19 votes

This is OK... 6 votes

Its rather hard, I don't like it: 1 vote

WTF!? 1 vote

Total: 39 votes


Out of the 'Big 4' of Mateusz's games, which addition are you most looking forward too?Edit

Submachine 8: 51 votes

Daymare Town 4: 3 votes

Covert Front 4: 5 votes

The Fog Fall 4: 1 votes

Total: 60 votes


Which of these real-world references do you find the most interesting?Edit

The radio broadcasts: 11 votes

The different real-world pictures: 8 votes

Pop culture references in SNEE: 8 votes

Total: 27 votes


Have you been somewhere in real life that reminded you of Submachine?Edit

Yes, I thought I was lost in the loop! 7 votes

A little bit, but there were differences: 11 votes

Not really: 10 votes

Total: 28 votes


Do you hope that Submachine 8 is released this year, or next year to give it more time to be a better game?Edit

This year; Mateusz Skutnik is awesome enough that he can make it amazing in this time frame: 52 votes

Next year; I want this game to be good quality, no matter how much time I wait: 25 votes

Total: 77 votes


What is your favorite installment of the submachine series?Edit

Submachine 1: The Basement: 3 votes

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: 4 votes

Submachine 3: The Loop: 3 votes

Submachine 4: The Lab: 27 votes

Submachine 5: The Root: 4 votes

Submachine 6: The Edge: 12 votes

Submachine 7: The Core: 30 votes

Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure: 1 vote

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation: 1 vote

Submachine Network Exploration Experience: 26 votes

Submachine: 32 Chambers: 2 votes

Total: 113 votes


How do you pass time between releases in the Submachine series? Do you:Edit

Replay older games in the series: 22 votes

Edit this wiki or the article on Wikipedia: 4 votes

Make far-fetched theories about what a submachine is: 2 votes

Only really pay attention to Submachine when a new game is out: 17 votes

Total: 45 votes


If you were trapped in the Submachine, what would you do?Edit

Explore it - this is so cool!: 44 votes

Panic - what if I'll never get out?: 3 votes

Try to escape - there's got to be a way back: 9 votes

Not really care - I'm already trapped as it is: 2 votes

Turn off your computer screen and finish your homework: 4 votes

Total: 62 votes


What do you spend most of your time on the computer doing?Edit

I do work. Yep.: 4 votes

This is a game wiki, right? Of course, I play games.: 12 votes

I check up on my social life. Facebook and Twitter are soooo useful.: 4 votes

I look up information, since that's what computers do best!: 3 votes

Um... I just surf. I never spend that much time on any one thing.: 22 votes

Total: 45 votes


How many people do you know in real life who play Submachine?Edit

A lot, it seems to be really popular!: 1 vote

I know a few people who do.: 2 votes

Just one or two friends.: 22 votes

Um... just me...: 45 votes

What's Submachine?: 1 vote

Total: 71 votes


Some installments of the Submachine Series were different than others. What innovation did you like best?Edit

Having "side games" like Sub0: 3 votes

The puzzles-only approach of Sub3: 1 vote

Direct communication with other characters, as with Mur in Sub6: 30 votes

The influences of non-Western cultures (such as Sub32): 6 votes

Total: 40 votes


Submachine 8 is probably going to be released wither in December or January, which do you think/prefer?Edit

December, that's what Mateusz originally said.: 15 votes

January, quality work takes time.: 12 votes

Total: 27 votes


Have you played any of Mateusz Skutnik's/Pastelgames's other games?Edit

Nope, just Submachine.: 11 votes

Yes, I like the other point-and-click games like Covert Front.: 38 votes

Yes, I also occasionally play the shorter games (Squirrel Family, etc.): 5 votes

Yes, I've even read his comics.: 1 votes

Total: 55 votes


Who do you think is mostly likely to be destroyed in future installments of the Submachine series?Edit

The player: 3 votes

Liz: 7 votes

Murtaugh: 12 votes

Reality/Existence: 25 votes

Total: 47 votes


Have you ever dreamed about Submachine?Edit

Yes, multiple times: 22 votes

Well, once: 9 votes

No, but I wish I did!: 34 votes

No... that's weird...: 10 votes

Total: 75 votes


What is your favorite installment of the submachine series?Edit

Submachine 1: The Basement: 2 votes

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: 4 votes

Submachine 3: The Loop: 3 votes

Submachine 4: The Lab: 30 votes

Submachine 5: The Root: 7 votes

Submachine 6: The Edge: 5 votes

Submachine 7: The Core: 26 votes

Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure: 0 votes

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation: 2 votes

Submachine Network Exploration Experience (SNEE): 14 votes

Submachine: 32 Chambers: 1 votes

Total: 94 votes


If there were a bonus CD for Submachine (ambients, more info, maybe a side game) would you buy it?Edit

No, not interested: 1 vote

No, but I would want to... I just can't buy things online: 24 votes

Yes, as long as the price was pretty low: 8 votes

Yes, absolutely!: 20 votes

Total: 53 votes


What do you think Murtaugh's main reason was for attacking Liz in Sub7?Edit

Revenge, just like it appeared: 28 votes

Liz knows something that could hurt Mur: 22 votes

He was trying to strand us (The Player): 2 votes

Not Applicable - Murtaugh didn't attack Liz, rather someone set this all up: 10 votes

Total: 62 votes


What do you think the plan means in Submachine 8?Edit

It's a plan for the player to escape!: 47 votes

It's a plan for Murtaugh's goals of finding those who buried him alive: 8 votes

It's the overall plan of the submachine network: 25 votes

It's a different plan altogether: 19 votes

Total: 99 votes


Would you want to meet the character Murtaugh in real life?Edit

No, he'd probably manipulate and kill me: 16 votes

Yes, but first I'm learning how to fire a shotgun: 51 votes

Yes, it would be fascinating!: 19 votes

Yes, maybe I could become his evil henchman, luring others into doing our bidding: 3 votes

Total: 89 votes


How do you like to replay the submachine series?Edit

Honestly, I never have: 0 votes

I'll play a new game over and over again when it comes out: 1 vote

One game at a time, when I feel like it: 16 votes

I like to go through the entire series in order: 53 votes

Total: 70 votes


What's your favorite installment in the Submachine series?Edit

Submachine 1 (The Basement): 2 votes

Submachine 2 (The Lighthouse): 3 votes

Submachine 3 (The Loop): 1 vote

Submachine 4 (The Lab): 15 votes

Submachine 5 (The Root): 3 votes

Submachine 6 (The Edge): 20 votes

Submachine 7 (The Core): 67 votes

Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure: 1 vote

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation: 3 votes

Submachine Network Exploration Experience: 8 votes

Submachine: 32 Chambers: 1 vote

Total: 124 votes


What was your favorite layer in Submachine 8: The Plan?Edit

Hang on a moment, I haven't finished the game yet!: 8 votes

Layer 1: The catwalk (w/ship): 3 votes

Layer 2: The temple: 9 votes

Layer 3: The forest: 52 votes

Layer 4: The pipes: 9 votes

Layer 5: The rooftop (w/statues): 63 votes

Layer 6: The underground bunker: 34 votes

Layer 7: The bamboo town: 6 votes

Total: 184 votes


Do you think we will ever meet anybody in the Subnet?Edit

Yes, Liz: 106 votes

Yes, Mur: 9 votes

Yes, Einstein: 16 votes

Yes, somebody else: 2 votes

Yes, multiple persons: 7 votes

No: 55 votes

Total: 195 votes


What do you think will happen to us at the end of Submachine's main story?Edit

We'll escape the Submachine: 97 votes

We'll destroy the Submachine: 8 votes

We'll die, regardless of our ultimate goal: 3 votes

We won't really want to escape, so we'll stay in it: 23 votes

We won't be able to escape, because the Submachine is the real world: 19 votes

We'll go back to the beginning, starting a new cycle: 20 votes

Total: 170 votes


Have you bought any game(s) in HD?Edit

Yes, Submachine 8: 6 votes

Yes, Submachine 7: 1 votes

Yes, both of them!: 16 votes

No, but I have plans to buy them in the future: 17 votes

No, and I don't have plans to buy them in the future: 162 votes

Total: 202 votes


Which kind of new features would you like for Sub5 in HD?Edit

Improved graphics: 5 votes

Expanded content (new rooms, puzzles, etc.): 20 votes

Both things!: 240 votes

Other: 3 votes

None, just the game in HD: 162 votes

Total: 282 votes


What did you think of Submachine 9?Edit

It was bad/very bad: 3 votes

It was OK: 17 votes

It was great!: 35 votes

It's one of the best games in the series: 268 votes

It's the best game in the series: 29 votes


Total: 379 votes


Are you excited for Submachine 10?Edit


Yes I'm excited: 17 votes

Sort of excited: 1 votes

Not really excited: 2 votes

Total: 174 votes


What did you think of Submachine 10?Edit

BEST. GAME. EVER.: 29 votes

It was THE BEST in the series!: 71 votes

It was one of the best in the series!: 33 votes

It was ok: 1 vote

It wasn't too great: 0 votes

I did not like it at all: 1 vote

Total: 135 votes


Which upcoming Submachine game are you most looking forward to?Edit

Doesn't matter, just GIVE ME SUBMACHINE: 45

Submachine: The Engine: 15 votes

Submachine Universe HD: 6 votes

Another future standalone game: 1 vote

Meh, it doesn't matter to me.: 0 votes

Submachine is dead.: 0 votes

Total: 67 votes


Which Kent do you think we see in Submachine?Edit

Kent Falls, Connecticut, USA: 13 votes

Kent County, England: 10 votes

Both of the options above, just seen at different times: 2 votes

A Kent on Earth that's not one of the first two: 2 votes

A made-up Kent that doesn't exist on Earth: 18 votes

No Kent exists because the Subnet is just inside our heads: 2 votes

Total: 47 votes


Which currently unused item/potential item are you most excited to see used in Submachine Universe?Edit

More wisdom gems: 1 vote

Piece of chalk: 5 votes

Propeller blade: 12 votes

Secrets: 5 votes

Cipher plates: 36 votes

Karmic water: 10 votes

Total: 69 votes


Now that we're halfway through 2017, what has been your favorite room added to/changed in the SubVerse so far this year?Edit

Brainwave basement: 7 votes

Solemn column: 1 vote

Lighthouse annex: 0 votes

Fragment field: 1 vote

GZB: 0 votes

Resin room expansion: 2 votes

Aeolic corridor: 4 votes

Edge filtration corridor: 1 vote

THB: 4 votes

Total: 20 votes


What should the new name of the gzb location be?Edit

Haven: 3 votes

Dharma edge: 3 votes

Wheel room: 2 votes

Brass alcove: 5 votes

Dharma alcove: 9 votes

Total: 22 votes


What is your favorite location from the latest SubVerse update (4.5.3)?Edit

513: 1 vote

Antenna control room: 6 votes

Fragment extension: 1 vote

Lavender room: 9 votes

Arch wall: 2 votes

Stalagmite room expansion: 1 vote

Photographer's quarters expansion: 0 votes

Total: 20 votes


What is your favorite location from the latest SubVerse update (4.5.4)?Edit

Hell loop








Infusion parlor



Pump room

Total: TBD

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