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Root/Core Symbiosis Theory (doubtful)

Root/Core Symbiosis Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-01-23
Still alive 2011-03-20
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Still alive 2014-11-05
Doubtful 2016-01-15

My theory is that the Root and the Core are located extremely close to one another (Root central under the Core), and that the Root, and by extension, the rest of the Subnet, require the Core's energy to sustain themselves, and for the Root in particular, to absorb new locations into the Subnet, whereas at the same time, the Core requires the Root, and by extension, the rest of the Subnet, to absorb new areas so that the core can use the space they occupy to generate energy to sustain the Subnet. Also, the Root is a link to ALL Submachines (minus the Loop + the Edge), even if they have no (known) Root transporters to get to it. The reason for that is because when Subnet was created, it had a special code written into it so that when new locations were absorbed into Subnet, it would create Root transporters to that location, so that mantainance would be easier. A reason that we can't access those transporters would be because, over the years, after all human influence was lost, is that the humans weren't around to direct the location that these transporters were to be created in, so the Subnet could have just placed them into an impossible to reach location, or the Subnet hasn't created it yet (I never said they had to be created within a certain time frame). Also, the reason that there is no Root transporter in the Loop is because it is linked directly to the Core, because after finishing the Loop (getting to the end, somehow) you get sent to a transporter that goes directly to the Core, and the reason that there is no link to the Root in the Edge is because there is a portal that leads right to the Core(?). Another part of this theory is that the Root branches out and creates 'links' that are located in certain points on planet Earth, among other locations. When the Core instructs the Root to 'branch out' and absorb more locations, it creates more 'links' that lead to pre-selected locations in the 'normal' universe. Also, the Subnet was created as an experiment for energy generation, using space itself to generate energy using Zero Point energy, and somewhere in the distant future, the entire universe would be able to draw from the Submachine, once it absorbs enough locations. Kind of like a Zero Point Module from the Stargate franchise. Finally, I believe that all Submachines were absorbed, not created by Subnet itself (minus the Core, Edge and Loop), although the Subnet would play a part in the creation of certain Submachines that couldn't have been created on Earth, in any time frame (the Subnet can absorb locations from any where, and from any time period)

Thanks for reading my theory, and I hope you feel (more) enlightened about the Subnet!

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