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Glitch Theory (debunked)

Glitch Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-12-24
Debunked 2011-03-20

Let's see how this fits in. So, scientists in the 1900's are making a machine, like those future teleporters that take. Your atoms and one by one (still very fast, however) and puts them some where else.The submachine. Now, the scientists start to wonder, "what could we use as a power source?" Then then they find out that archeologists, during an expedition in mesoamerica, found a gem with extremely high power in IT, and mesoamericans called it the "ancient gem of wisdom." The SCI's say: amazing! Perfect power source! And buy it from the ARCH's. They put it in the machine. However, this leads to two glitches. 1. As the name of the gem implies, the gem gave the submachine wisdom (it's own mind). 2. The scientists forgot that the gem was not made to be a battery. A everyday battery can channel energy through it, but an ancient gem? Not too well. This lead to the energy not being able to get into the wires, but to places that did and did not exist at the same time. Places that were reality, but a different reality all together!

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