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Cat/Liz Theory (debunked)

Cat/Liz Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Debunked 2014-04-06

Just an extreme brainstorm. As Murtaugh was a scientist, and this is during an unknown time period, (My guess is around 4000 A.D.) he might have found a way to transform people into animals, and to possess them and use his karma portal ability. Now, the brainstorm is that we are ORIGINALLY Liz, who can be Murtaugh's assistant. Mur might have transformed Liz into a male cat called Einstein. He then controlled Einstein and made him explore the Subnet and his karma portals.

I believe that when the player was sent into one of Mur's karma portals, he lost control of Einstein, Einstein lost all memory, and Einstein also lost his ability to travel without a portal. Realizing this, Mur made a new memory in the form of the Cat Note at the Lighthouse, where he met Einstein. He knew that the player would return to his old home.

We can not see our reflection in the mirrors because we are so short. And because we can NOT teleport without a portal, we used intelligence (possibly from Wisdom Gems) that let us use the portals and explore the Subnet.

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