Edge telescope

Observe objects from long distances

A telescope is a device used to view distant objects.


Telescopes are devices that help the observation of remote objects or places by collecting light with mirrors and lenses. All of the telescopes found inside Subnet were mounted on a unique scaffold, which appears to have handles to adjust the telescope.

List of known telescopesEdit

  • The third telescope is in Submachine 6: The Edge, inside the Edge. It is accessible by travelling to the secondary defense system area via the second elevator. The wall the player traveled through at the beginning of the game in the interception mover is visible.
  • A fourth telescope is located in the pi room in Submachine Universe. Through the telescope, a statue similar to the one found in Submachine 4 is visible, but differs in that it is holding a ring and has a ring around its head. Mateusz Skutnik has stated that this statue represents a different god than the one in Submachine 4. This telescope, like the two terminals in the room, has a greenish tint to it with bright green grid lines over it. In the cosmic dawn room there's a fifth telescope that shows an image of the "cosmic dawn", the formation of the first big galaxies in the universe.
  • In Submachine 7, a new type of telescope is seen. These are mounted in a semicircular pivot on a pole, and have a sphere-shaped eyepiece in the back. Their focus, however, is not always constantly clear, and sometimes needs special glowing filters as well. These telescopes are also seen in Sub10.


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