Accessing The System via a connection pod.

Terminals are devices that are used to access parts of the system. Terminals use both binary code and the English language to represent information. They can be accessed by the player using a connection pod.


Their exterior consists of a circular plate with a hole in its center, where the connection pod is inserted. Terminals follow the design of the area they are in. The mainframe's terminal has connection lines around it, linking it with all other protocols and subsystems.

As part of the System, one can navigate through any terminal following green lines, which lead either to a dead end, a puzzle or a source of information.

Terminal action

Terminal in use


Gates are passageways that can be closed and opened by changing the setting from 00101011 "offline" to 00101101 "online". The number 00101011 is the binary encoding of '-', whereas 00101101 is the binary represention of '+'.

List of known gates:

  • Gate 1-0 (protocol gate)
  • Gate 1-12 (protocol gate)
  • Gate 3/18
  • Gate 115


Protocols are the rules that govern the terminals' behavior. They can be switched on or off at certain areas of the System. The identification name of each protocol always has the structure #-#, for example 54-1 or 1-0.

  • Protocols starting by 1 - Primary defense system protocols. Mainframe, Core shields.
  • Protocols starting by 2 - Secondary defense system protocols. The turret chain and electrical gates.
  • Protocols starting by 54 - Human hacking attempt protocols. These deny access to some locations.

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